What is Sebastian Maniscalco Net Worth 2024: Wiki, Real Name, Age, Height, Family

What is Sebastian Maniscalco Net Worth 2024: Wiki, Real Name, Age, Height, Family

Diving into Sebastian Maniscalco net worth unveils more than just figures; it’s a glimpse into the journey of one of 2024’s breakthrough stand-up comedians. Get ready to explore how his unique blend of humor and hard work has paved the way to his impressive financial success.

Quick Facts

Real NameSebastian Maniscalco
Popular NameSebastian Maniscalco
Birth DateJuly 8, 1973
ParentsSalvatore Maniscalco, Rose Maniscalco
BirthplaceArlington Heights, IL
EducationNorthern Illinois University
Marital StatusMarried
Sexual OrientationStraight
Wife/SpouseLana Gomez (m. 2013)
Children2 (a daughter born in 2017 and a son born in 2019)
Net Worth$35 million
Source of WealthStand-up comedy, television, film, radio, books
Height5 ft 9 in

What is the Net Worth Of Sebastian Maniscalco in 2024?

What is the Net Worth Of Sebastian Maniscalco in 2024?

As of 2024, Sebastian Maniscalco’s net worth stands impressively at $35 million, showcasing his successful career in comedy and acting. This figure places him among the notable names in the industry, though still a distance from icons like Robert De Niro, whose fortune greatly surpasses that of most contemporaries.

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When compared to fellow comedian Pete Correale, Maniscalco’s financial achievements highlight his significant impact on the comedy scene.

His wealth accumulation is a testament to his dedication, talent, and the ability to connect with audiences worldwide, distinguishing him as a prominent figure in the entertainment industry.

Full Overview and Wiki

Early Life

Sebastian Maniscalco, a name synonymous with laughter and keen observational comedy, embarked on his journey towards becoming a comedy stalwart in the late 1990s.

Born to Italian immigrants in Arlington Heights, Illinois, Maniscalco’s early life was steeped in the rich, cultural heritage of his family, providing fertile ground for his later comedic explorations

Early Years and Breakthrough

After graduating from Northern Illinois University, Sebastian moved to Los Angeles, chasing the quintessential dream of stand-up stardom.

His initial years, marked by relentless gigging in bars and bowling alleys, honed his craft and resilience. In 2005, his career took a pivotal turn as he began performing regularly at The Comedy Store in West Hollywood, a move that would introduce his unique brand of humor to a wider audience.

Rising Through the Ranks

Sebastian Maniscalco’s career

Sebastian’s comedic style, characterized by its blend of satire, observational comedy, and physicality, quickly caught the attention of both audiences and peers.

His influence by comedy greats such as Jerry Seinfeld and George Carlin is evident in his work, yet Maniscalco brings a distinctively Italian-American twist to his observations, often riffing on family, marriage, and the quirks of everyday life.

His relentless pursuit of comedy excellence led to several televised specials, beginning with Sebastian Live in 2009.

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Subsequent specials on Showtime and Netflix, including What’s Wrong with People? and Stay Hungry, solidified his status as a comedy powerhouse, drawing in fans with his unique blend of humor and relatability.

Branching Out

Maniscalco’s versatility and charismatic presence paved the way for roles in major films such as Green Book and The Irishman, where he displayed considerable acting chops alongside heavyweights like Robert De Niro and Al Pacino.

These roles not only expanded his artistic repertoire but also introduced him to a broader audience, further increasing his marketability and, by extension, his net worth.

In addition to his stand-up and acting career, Sebastian ventured into television hosting with Well Done with Sebastian Maniscalco on Discovery+, blending his love for comedy and food.

This endeavor, along with his popular podcast The Pete and Sebastian Show, underscores his appeal as a multi-dimensional entertainer capable of engaging audiences across various platforms.

Personal Life and Philanthropy

Beyond the stage and screen, Maniscalco’s life is grounded by his family – wife Lana Gomez, and their two children. His personal experiences as a father and husband often find their way into his comedy, resonating with audiences facing similar life stages.

Social Media Accounts

All about Sebastian Maniscalco Latest News

Sebastian’s announced his 2024 ‘It Ain’t Right’ Tour. It’s his largest tour yet, hitting 47 cities across North America, including stops in Atlanta, New York, Chicago, and more. The tour kicks off on July 11 in Norfolk, VA, and wraps up in Des Moines on December 15. Tickets are on the move, with general sales starting on December 1 at SebastianLive.com​​.

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FAQs about Sebastian Maniscalco

FAQs about Sebastian Maniscalco

Who is Sebastian Maniscalco, and why is he famous?

Oh, where to start? He’s like that hilarious friend who always has a story to tell. A stand-up comedian and actor known for his expressive style and the ability to turn everyday situations into comedy gold. He’s famous for his specials on Netflix, his unforgettable role in Green Book, and for being the guy who can make you laugh about things you didn’t even think were funny.

What’s his background?

Born in the windy city of Chicago to Italian immigrants, he has the Midwestern charm mixed with an Italian flair. He started off performing in open mics and worked as a waiter before comedy took over his life. It’s that classic tale of hustle and heart, and boy, did it pay off for him.

How did he get into comedy?

Like most good things, it started as a bit of a happy accident. He’s got this knack for storytelling, and after being nudged by friends who were tired of laughing alone at his stories, he took to the stage. He honed his craft in LA’s comedy clubs, and well, the rest is history.

What are some of his most popular stand-up specials?

Stay Hungry and Aren’t You Embarrassed? are up there on the hit list. These specials are like a masterclass in observation, making you think, Why didn’t I see it that way? They’re on Netflix, so next time you’re scrolling for something good, you know what to pick.

Has he acted in movies?

Yes, and he’s not just a one-trick pony! He has shown off his acting chops in movies like The Irishman and Green Book, blending comedy with serious roles. He’s got that natural ability to fit into any scene, whether it’s making you laugh or pulling at your heartstrings.

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What makes his comedy style unique?

It’s all about the delivery and the physical comedy. He has this way of using his entire body to tell a story, and his facial expressions alone can send you into a fit of laughter. Plus, he dives into those everyday annoyances and cultural differences with such zest, you can’t help but relate.

What’s next for him?

This guy never stops. Between touring, potentially more movie roles, and maybe even another Netflix special, he’s always cooking up something new. Keep an eye on his socials; that’s where the news drops first.

How can I see him perform live?

Check out his website for tour dates and tickets. He tours quite extensively, so there’s a good chance he’ll be making people laugh in a city near you. And trust me, seeing him live is a whole other level of funny.


Sebastian Maniscalco’s journey from the comedy clubs to financial success is nothing short of inspirational. For more enlightening celebrity insights and stories of success, stay tuned to Rachelparris.com.

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