What is Ronald Hanmer Net Worth 2024: Bio, Age, Height, Family, Music Style, And More

What is Ronald Hanmer Net Worth 2024: Bio, Age, Height, Family, Music Style, And More

Ever wondered what Ronald Hanmer net worth, the iconic composer, looks like? You’re not alone!

In this blog, we’ve dug into the archives to bring you a closer look at the financial achievements of this musical genius. From timeless compositions to unheard stories of success, get ready to be amazed by what we’ve found.

Quick Facts

Real NameRonald Charles Douglas Hanmer
Popular NameRonald Hanmer
Birth Date2 February 1917 – 23 May 1994
Age(At time of death: 77)
BirthplaceReigate, Surrey, England
EducationBlackheath Conservatory
Marital StatusMarried
Sexual OrientationHeterosexual
Net WorthN/A
Source of WealthMusic Composition, Conducting, Arranging
Years ActiveN/A
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What is the Net Worth Of Ronald Hanmer 2024?

What is the Net Worth Of Ronald Hanmer 2024

While exact figures for Ronald Hanmer’s net worth aren’t publicly available, it’s known he was a prolific composer and arranger. His contemporaries, like Benjamin Frankel, also made significant contributions to music, particularly in film and classical compositions.

Hanmer’s wealth likely came from his diverse work in light music, radio themes, and arrangements for stage musicals. Although we can’t pinpoint his exact net worth, his enduring legacy in light and orchestral music speaks volumes about his success.

Ronald Hanmer Overview and Wiki

Ronald Hanmer Overview and Wiki

The Multifaceted Musical Journey of Ronald Hanmer

Ronald Hanmer‘s story is a fascinating blend of talent and geographical diversity.

Born in Reigate, Surrey, and educated at Blackheath Conservatory, Hanmer began his career in England as a theatre organist and dance band arranger. This early start laid the foundation for a diverse career, stretching from the theatres of England to the orchestral halls of Australia.

Light Music Maestro and Radio Icon

Hanmer’s most prominent contributions were in light music. He’s remembered for his captivating themes for radio serials like Adventures of P.C. 49 and Blue Hills.

His work in radio wasn’t just limited to composition; he also directed his own Latin-American percussion ensemble, The Marimberos, on BBC radio.

His time with the Sydney Thompson Old-Time Orchestra further showcased his versatility.

A New Chapter in Australia

1975 marked a significant year for Hanmer, as he emigrated to Australia, continuing his illustrious career. In Brisbane, he conducted the St Lucia Orchestra and enriched the local music scene.

His appointment as a Member of the Order of Australia in 1992 was a testament to his impact on music and musical education.

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Hanmer’s Legacy in Composition

Hanmer’s original works, such as Bouquet de Paris and The Heather and the Thistle, along with his brass band compositions, are celebrated worldwide.

His pieces not only graced concert halls but also became test pieces in the brass band world. His expertise in arranging stage musicals remains highly sought after.

Influence Beyond Composition

Hanmer’s impact extended beyond traditional music venues. His dramatic cues, featured in APM Music, were used in popular TV shows like SpongeBob SquarePants and The Ren & Stimpy Show, showcasing his versatility and broad appeal.

The Enduring Impact of Ronald Hanmer

Hanmer’s death in Brisbane in 1994 marked the end of an era. However, his legacy continues to inspire musicians and composers worldwide.

His journey from a theatre organist in Surrey to an acclaimed composer and conductor in Australia is a story of talent, adaptability, and enduring influence.

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All about Ronald Hanmer Latest News in 2024

There is no information about his news in 2024 because he died in 1994.

FAQs about Ronald Hanmer

FAQs about Ronald Hanmer

Who was Ronald Hanmer?

He  was a British conductor, composer, and arranger of light music, who later lived in Australia.

What is Ronald Hanmer known for?

He is best remembered for his themes for the radio serial Adventures of P.C. 49 and the long-running radio serial Blue Hills. His works are celebrated in the light orchestral and brass band genres, as well as for his arrangements of popular stage musicals.

What are some of Hanmer’s notable original compositions?

His original works include pieces like Bouquet de Paris, The Heather and the Thistle, Memories of Hungary, and City Desk.

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Did he contribute to wind ensemble music?

Yes, he wrote for wind ensembles, including clarinet quartets and trios, flute trios, the Cuckoo Quartet, and others.

What is his significance in brass band music?

His works for brass bands, such as Latin Americana and Mexican Fiesta, are renowned as test pieces in the brass band world.

What are some of Hanmer’s famous arrangements of musicals?

His arrangements include musicals like Calamity Jane, The Merry Widow, Die Fledermaus, and others.

Did he receive any notable awards?

He was appointed a Member of the Order of Australia in 1992 for his service to music and musical education.

When did Ronald Hanmer pass away?

He died on May 23, 1994, in Brisbane, Australia.

What was Blue Hills Rhapsody?

It was a longer orchestral work based on his composition Pastorale, used for the radio serial Blue Hills, recorded with Hanmer conducting the Queensland Symphony Orchestra.

How did Hanmer contribute to dramatic music?

He produced Dramatic Cues, titled Tales of Drama, used in various television shows and movies.

What is known about Ronald Hanmer’s early career?

In his early career, he was involved in the Ralph Reader Gang Shows and directed his own Latin-American percussion ensemble called The Marimberos on BBC radio.


Wrapping up our journey into Ronald Hanmer’s net worth, it’s clear his musical legacy is not just in his compositions but also in the financial success he achieved.

Thanks to Rachelparris.com, you now have a glimpse into the life of a man whose tunes transcended the ordinary, creating a wealth that’s as enduring as his music. Keep exploring with us for more hidden treasures like this.

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