What is Patrick Warburton Net Worth 2024: Wiki, Real Name, Age, Height, Family

What is Patrick Warburton Net Worth 2024 Wiki, Real Name, Age, Height, Family

Diving into the intriguing world of celebrity finances, we uncover Patrick Warburton net worth, a name synonymous with talent in Hollywood.

As we explore the financial contours that outline his career, we’ll also touch on the top improv comedians of 2024, offering a broader entertainment perspective.

Quick Facts

Real NamePatrick Warburton
Popular NamePatrick Warburton
Birth DateNovember 14, 1964
ParentsBarbara Lord, John Warburton
SiblingsLara Warburton, Mary Warburton, Megan Warburton
BirthplacePaterson, New Jersey, United States
EducationServite High School (1982), Orange Coast College, Newport Harbor High School, Saints Simon and Jude School
Marital StatusMarried
Sexual OrientationStraight
Wife/SpouseCathy Jennings
Children4 (Alexandra Catherine Warburton, Talon Patrick Warburton, Shane Warburton, Gabriel Warburton)
Net Worth$20 million
Source of WealthActing, Voice Acting, Commercials
HeightApprox. 6 ft 2 in (1.9 m)

What is the Net Worth Of Patrick Warburton in 2024?

What is the Net Worth Of Patrick Warburton in 2024?

Sitting pretty with a cool $20 million to his name, Patrick Warburton isn’t just a voice in your favorite cartoons and sitcoms; he’s a financial powerhouse in his own right.

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When you stack him up against peers like Megyn Price and Bianca Kajlich, who’ve shared the screen with him in Rules of Engagement, or even the young Presley Smith from A Series of Unfortunate Events, Warburton’s financial clout is evident.

It’s his voice work—from Joe Swanson in Family Guy to Kronk in The Emperor’s New Groove—paired with live-action roles that have padded his bank account, making him a standout in the industry, not just for his voice but for his wallet too.

Patrick Warburton Full Overview and Wiki

The Early Days

Born in the brisk air of Paterson, New Jersey, Patrick Warburton was the son of an orthopedic surgeon and an actress, which might explain where he got his knack for performing. Growing up in a very religious and conservative Catholic family, Warburton found his calling early.

Though he initially dabbled in marine biology at Orange Coast College, the call of the stage (or microphone) proved too strong to resist.

The Rise to Fame

Warburton’s career is a tapestry of iconic roles, from the clueless but lovable Puddy on Seinfeld to the heroic yet dim-witted Kronk. But it wasn’t just his on-screen presence that made waves.

Warburton’s voice became his signature, lending depth to characters like Joe Swanson in Family Guy and making him a sought-after voice actor for commercials, video games, and animated films.

Voice of a Generation

Patrick Warburton’s career

Beyond TV, Warburton’s voice has become omnipresent. Whether it’s voicing characters in Family Guy or serving as the face of National Car Rental, Warburton has mastered the art of leaving an impression without even being seen.

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His roles in video games and animated series have made him a staple in homes worldwide, showcasing his versatility and range.

The Financial Picture

Warburton’s career choices have clearly paid off. From his early days on Seinfeld to his voice acting in Family Guy, which nets him around $85,000 per episode, Warburton has proven that having a distinctive voice (and knowing how to use it) can be incredibly lucrative.

His work in commercials and as a voice-over artist has only added to his financial success, making him a model for how diverse talents can lead to a solid financial foundation in Hollywood.

A Man of Many Talents

But Warburton isn’t just about the money. His appearances at New Jersey Devils games, painted face and all, show a man who enjoys life to the fullest.

His participation in celebrity poker shows and setting lap records on Top Gear reveal a competitive spirit and a zest for adventure that’s as large as his on-screen persona.

Social Media Accounts

All about Patrick Warburton Latest News

FAQs about Patrick Warburton

FAQs about Patrick Warburton

Who is Patrick Warburton, anyway?

Oh, where to start? He is this tall, square-jawed guy with a voice that could sell you anything from cars to insurance. You’ve heard him as Joe Swanson on Family Guy, the tick in The Tick, and the list goes on. He’s basically the king of cool, laid-back characters.

What made him famous?

The guy’s voice is unmistakable. He first caught everyone’s attention as Puddy on Seinfeld. You know, Elaine’s on-again, off-again boyfriend? That role pretty much set the stage for his voice acting career. Plus, he’s got this comedic timing that’s just gold.

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How tall is he?

He stands at an impressive 6 ft 2 in. Yeah, he’s pretty much the human embodiment of a superhero, which is probably why he was a perfect fit for The Tick.

Is he just a voice actor?

Nope! While his voice is definitely his signature, Patrick’s not just a one-trick pony. He’s done plenty of on-screen roles too. Ever seen Rules of Engagement? He’s hilarious in it. Plus, he’s done a bunch of movies. The guy’s versatile.

What’s his personal life like?

Patrick’s a family man through and through. He’s been married to his wife, Cathy, since 1991, and they’ve got four kids. Seems like he’s as solid off-screen as the characters he plays on-screen.

Any iconic roles I might have missed?

Oh, for sure. Ever flown on an airplane? He’s the voice of Kronk in The Emperor’s New Groove. Yep, that’s him doing the wrong lever bit. And let’s not forget his role in A Series of Unfortunate Events as Lemony Snicket. The guy’s everywhere.

Does he do any work outside of acting?

Yep, he’s not just about making us laugh. Patrick’s involved in a few charities and uses his distinctive voice for good, supporting various causes. Plus, he’s a bit of a golf enthusiast, often participating in celebrity tournaments.

Has he won any awards?

While he might not have a shelf full of Oscars, Patrick’s been recognized for his voice acting. He’s got a cult following that adores him, and in the realm of animated and comedy series, he’s definitely a winner.

What’s next for Patrick Warburton?

This guy doesn’t seem to slow down. He’s always popping up in new roles, whether it’s in a new animated series, a guest spot on a TV show, or lending his voice to commercials. Plus, he’s pretty active on social media, so you can keep up with his adventures there.

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Wrapping up our exploration of Patrick Warburton’s net worth, it’s clear that his financial achievements are as impressive as his career.

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