What is Margaret Bent Net Worth 2024: Bio, Age, Height, Family, Music Style, And More

What is Margaret Bent Net Worth 2024 Bio, Age, Height, Family, Music Style, And More

Have you ever wondered how much Margaret Bent net worth? Today, we’re diving deep into her finances to uncover just that. Join us as we explore the wealth amassed by this talented artist. From her early days to her rise in the music industry, get ready to discover intriguing details about her career and net worth!

Quick Facts

Real NameMargaret Hilda Bassington
Popular NameMargaret Bent
Birth Date23 December 1940
EducationGirton College, Cambridge University
Marital StatusN/A
Sexual OrientationN/A
Net WorthN/A
Source of WealthAcademia, Research, Publications
Years ActiveN/A
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What is the Net Worth Of Margaret Bent 2024?

What is the Net Worth Of Margaret Bent 2024

Discussing the net worth of scholars like Margaret Bent can be quite speculative as their income typically comes from academic salaries, grants, and possibly royalties from publications rather than commercial ventures.

However, in the context of academia, especially within prestigious institutions such as Oxford, esteemed scholars like Margaret Bent are considered intellectually wealthy.

When compared to other noted musicologists such as Harold Powers and Rossana Dalmonte, Margaret Bent stands out with her prolific career and contributions to the field. This reputation might position her among the richest Oxford musicians in terms of academic accolades and influence.

Margaret Bent Overview and Wiki

Margaret Bent Overview and Wiki

Early Life and Education

Margaret Bent‘s journey into the world of musicology began at the Acton Haberdashers’ Aske’s School for Girls followed by a deeper academic commitment at Girton College, Cambridge University.

Here, she not only pursued a BA in Music but also honed her skills as an organ scholar, setting the stage for a distinguished academic career.

Early Academic Foundations

Margaret Bent’s foundational academic years were spent at Girton College, Cambridge University, where she not only read music but also served as an organ scholar.

After completing her BA in 1962 and later her PhD in 1969, she embarked on a career that would see her become a leading figure in the study of medieval and Renaissance music.

Teaching and Academic Leadership

Margaret Bent’s teaching career began at Cambridge University shortly after she completed her doctoral studies. Her early work there established her as a serious scholar in the field of musicology.

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By 1963, she had moved to King’s College London, bringing her expertise to a wider audience and influencing a generation of musicologists.

In 1972, she took up a lecturer position at Goldsmiths’ College, further solidifying her role as an educator. Her move across the Atlantic in 1975 to Brandeis University marked the beginning of a significant period of her career in the United States.

At Brandeis and later at Princeton University, where she moved in 1981, she not only taught but also held the position of department chair, shaping the course of musicological study and research in significant ways.

Return to England and Ongoing Research

Margaret Bent returned to England in 1992, joining All Souls College, Oxford, as a senior research fellow. Her return coincided with a deepening of her research interests, particularly in the areas of medieval motet, music paleography, and musical manuscripts.

At Oxford, she continued to be a driving force in her field, contributing to the understanding of musical texts and their contexts.

Notable Works and Contributions

Throughout her career, Margaret Bent has been prolific in her scholarly output. Her work on the Old Hall Manuscript, part of her PhD dissertation and later expanded in co-edited volumes, remains a seminal contribution to musicology.

Her publications span a range of topics, including in-depth studies on composers such as John Dunstaple and Johannes Ciconia.

Additionally, her insights into musica ficta and musical transmission have provided foundational knowledge for both scholars and performers.

Bent’s editorial influence is extensive, having contributed to critical editions and series such as the New Grove Dictionary of Music and Musicians and the Corpus Mensurabilis Musicae. Her role in these publications has helped shape academic discourse in musicology.

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Digital Scholarship and Leadership

A co-founder of the Digital Image Archive of Medieval Music, Bent has been at the forefront of integrating digital technology with traditional musicological research. This project has been instrumental in preserving and making accessible medieval music manuscripts to researchers worldwide.

Recognition and Awards

Bent’s contributions have been recognized with numerous prestigious awards, including the Dent Medal, a Guggenheim Fellowship, and the Frank Llewellyn Harrison Medal.

Her academic and scholarly excellence is further recognized through her fellowships with institutions such as the British Academy and the Royal Historical Society, and her status as a CBE reflects her significant contributions to the arts and humanities.

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All about Margaret Bent Latest News in 2024

There is no information about his upcoming projects in 2024 yet.

FAQs about Margaret Bent

FAQs about Margaret Bent

Who is Margaret Bent?

She is a renowned English musicologist specializing in music from the late medieval and Renaissance periods. She is known for her extensive work on manuscripts and early musical compositions.

What is her educational background?

She studied at Girton College, Cambridge, starting in 1959, and completed her PhD with a dissertation on the Old Hall Manuscript in 1969.

What are some of Bent’s major academic positions?

She has held professorships and department chairmanships at Brandeis and Princeton Universities and has been a Senior Research Fellow at All Souls College, Oxford since 1992.

What are some notable awards she has received?

Among her many accolades, she has received the Dent Medal, a Guggenheim Fellowship, and the Claude V. Palisca award. She was also appointed CBE in 2008.

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Has she published any books?

Yes, she has authored and edited several important works, including Counterpoint, Composition, and Musica Ficta and The Old Hall Manuscript: a Paleographical Study.

What specific areas of music does her research cover?

Her research primarily focuses on English, French, and Italian music from the 14th to the 16th centuries, exploring aspects like counterpoint, music theory, and the interplay between music notation and performance.

What are some of her notable editorial contributions?

She has contributed to the New Grove Dictionary of Music and Musicians and has served on numerous editorial boards across musicological publications.

Does she still teach?

Yes, she continues to supervise doctoral dissertations and teaches at various levels both in Oxford and internationally.

What kind of collaborations has she engaged in?

She has collaborated with literary scholars on the relationship between words and music and has co-edited works such as Fauvel Studies.

What significant contributions has she made to digital musicology?

She co-directs the Digital Image Archive of Medieval Music, which focuses on the preservation and study of medieval music manuscripts.

Has she been involved in any public lectures or seminars?

She has delivered numerous named lectures and public seminars worldwide, including the Loveday Lecture at the University of Bristol and the Royal Holloway Music Lectures.

What honors has she received from academic societies?

She is a Fellow of the British Academy, the Royal Historical Society, and a Foreign Honorary Member of the American Academy of Arts and Sciences, among others.


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