What is Maile Flanagan Net Worth 2024: Wiki, Real Name, Age, Height, Family And More

What is Maile Flanagan Net Worth 2024 Wiki, Real Name, Age, Height, Family And More

Maile Flanagan, an emblem of influential female comedians, has carved a niche in comedy with her unique talent.

This post offers an exclusive look into Maile Flanagan net worth that mirrors her journey in the entertainment industry, highlighting her accomplishments and financial achievements.

Quick Facts

Real NameMaile Flanagan
Popular NameMaile Flanagan
Birth DateMay 19, 1965
BirthplaceHonolulu, Hawaii, United States
EducationBoston College, Munich American High School
Marital StatusMarried
Sexual OrientationN/A
Wife/SpouseLesa Hammett
Net Worth$8 million
Source of WealthActing, Voice Acting, Comedy
Height1.68 m
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What is the Net Worth Of Maile Flanagan in 2024?

What is the Net Worth Of Maile Flanagan in 2024

Maile Flanagan, celebrated for voicing the spirited ninja Naruto Uzumaki, has amassed a net worth of $8 million as of 2024. This impressive sum puts her in a fascinating position when compared to her peers in the voice acting domain.

Junko Takeuchi, the Japanese voice of Naruto, has a comparable financial standing, reflecting the global impact of the franchise.

On the other hand, Kate Higgins, known for voicing Sakura Haruno in the same series, and Angel Parker, acclaimed for her role in Lab Rats alongside Flanagan, have also carved out significant niches in the entertainment industry, though their exact net worths may vary.

Flanagan’s success, underscored by her diverse roles and notable awards, showcases her as a distinguished figure in both anime and live-action spheres.

Maile Flanagan Full Overview and Wiki

From Humble Beginnings to the Voice of an Icon

Her career is a compelling narrative of versatility, resilience, and success. Born on May 19, 1965, in Honolulu, Hawaii, Flanagan’s early life was marked by global travels due to her father’s military intelligence work.

This exposure to diverse cultures and experiences laid the groundwork for what would become a prolific career in entertainment.

After graduating from Boston College with a degree in political science, concentrating in history and mathematics, Flanagan’s career took an unexpected turn towards the arts.

She initially dipped her toes into the world of stand-up comedy and theater in Minneapolis, where she honed her craft and developed a passion for performance.

Breaking Into Voice Acting

Maile Flanagan Breaking Into Voice Acting

Flanagan’s breakthrough came when she lent her voice to Piggley Winks in Jakers! The Adventures of Piggley Winks, earning critical acclaim and an Emmy Award for Outstanding Performer in an Animated Program.

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However, it was her role as Naruto Uzumaki that catapulted her into stardom.

Voicing Naruto across his journey from a mischievous ninja-in-training to the respected Hokage, Flanagan became an integral part of the anime’s global success.

Her commitment to the character, spanning kid, teen, and adult incarnations, showcased her remarkable ability to evolve and adapt her voice to Naruto’s growth, endearing her to fans worldwide.

This role, coupled with numerous others in animation and video games, significantly contributed to her net worth and established her as a formidable force in voice acting.

Expanding Horizons

Beyond animation, Flanagan’s talent has flourished in live-action films and television, with notable appearances in 500 Days of Summer, Lab Rats, and Shameless, among others.

Her versatility as an actress is further highlighted by her theater work, including performances in productions directed by Justin Tanner and her involvement in the comedy troupe Every Mother’s Nightmare.

In recent years, Flanagan’s career has continued to evolve, with roles in new projects such as the ABC sitcom Not Dead Yet and voice work in Adult Swim’s Royal Crackers.

These ventures not only demonstrate her enduring relevance in the entertainment industry but also continue to bolster her financial standing.

Personal Life

In 2008, she married Lesa Hammett, grounding her life in a partnership that supports her through the ups and downs of an unpredictable industry.

Despite her global fame and busy career, Flanagan has managed to keep her personal life away from the spotlight, prioritizing privacy and the sanctity of her family life.

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Social Media Accounts

All about Maile Flanagan Lists News 2024

She was announced as one of the voice actor guests at Anime Boston, which took place from March 29 through 31, 2024, at the Hynes Convention Center in Boston, Massachusetts.

Additionally, Flanagan made an appearance at the Emerald City Comic Con (ECCC) in Seattle, from March 1 through March 3, 2024.

FAQs about Maile Flanagan

What are some notable roles played by Maile Flanagan

What are some notable roles played by Maile Flanagan?

She has appeared in TV shows such as Shameless, Lab Rats, and movies like The Station Agent. She has also lent her voice to various animated series and video games.

How did she begin her career?

She started her career in acting with minor roles in the mid-1990s, including improvisational theatre. Her unique voice and talent in voice acting led her to notable roles in animation.

Has she won any awards for her work?

Yes, she won a Daytime Emmy Award for Outstanding Performer in an Animated Program for her work on Jakers! The Adventures of Piggley Winks in 2006.

Is she involved in any charity work?

While specific details of her charity involvement might not be widely publicized, many actors participate in charity work and causes they believe in.

What is Maile Flanagan’s educational background?

She graduated from Boston College with a degree in Political Science. Her college years played a significant role in shaping her future career in entertainment.

How does she approach voice acting for animated characters?

She has spoken about the importance of understanding a character’s emotional depth and motivations. She emphasizes bringing authenticity and energy to her roles, regardless of the medium.

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What has Maile Flanagan said about her role as Naruto Uzumaki?

Maile has expressed great affection and respect for her role as Naruto, acknowledging the impact the character and the series have had on fans worldwide.

She appreciates the character’s growth and the messages of perseverance and friendship within the series.

Does she participate in fan conventions?

Yes, she attends fan conventions, where she engages with fans, signs autographs, and participates in panels discussing her work and the impact of her characters.

What are her thoughts on the animation industry?

While specific quotes may vary, she has generally been positive about the animation industry, praising its creativity and the opportunity it provides for storytelling.

Is Maile Flanagan active on social media?

She maintains a presence on social media, where she connects with fans, shares updates about her work, and occasionally offers insights into her personal life and views.


Maile Flanagan’s net worth story is a testament to her enduring influence and talent in comedy. As we delve into her financial narrative, her journey offers inspiration and insight, underlining her status in the entertainment world.

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