What is Luke Sutherland Net Worth 2024: Wiki, Real Name, Age, Height, Family

What is Luke Sutherland Net Worth 2024 Wiki, Real Name, Age, Height, Family

Curious about Luke Sutherland net worth? As a prominent musician and novelist, Sutherland has made a notable impact in the arts. Learn more about his earnings and career achievements. Let’s check on Rachelparris right now!

Quick Facts

Real NameLuke Sutherland
Popular NameLuke Sutherland
Birth Date1971
Age53 years old
Siblingsa sister
BirthplaceOrkney, Scotland
EducationUniversity of Glasgow
Marital StatusN/A
Sexual OrientationN/A
Net WorthN/A
Source of WealthMusic and Literature

What is Net Worth Of Luke Sutherland 2024?

What is Net Worth Of Luke Sutherland 2024

As of 2024, the exact net worth of Luke Sutherland remains undisclosed.

Unlike many celebrities who frequently spotlight their wealth, Luke keeps a low profile when it comes to his financial details.

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For context, fellow musicians from the Scottish post-rock scene like John Cummings, formerly of Mogwai, and RM Hubbert, might have comparable but not publicly specified net worths, as their income primarily flows from their music careers.

Similarly, Stefan Schneider, known for his work with Mapstation, shares a similar artist profile where exact net worth isn’t commonly detailed.

However, considering Luke’s multi-faceted career in music and literature, including his associations with bands like Mogwai and his nominations for prestigious awards, it’s plausible that his financial standing is robust, built through both his musical endeavors and literary works.

Luke Sutherland Full Overview and Wiki

Luke Sutherland Full Overview and Wiki

Early Life and Education

Born in 1971 in the serene landscapes of Orkney, Scotland, Luke Sutherland‘s early life was marked by a blend of cultural influences, being one of the few Scots-African children in his area.

His journey in education led him to the University of Glasgow, where the seeds of his musical journey were sown.

Musical Career: From Long Fin Killie to Mogwai

Sutherland’s musical odyssey began in the vibrant 90s when he and some university friends formed Long Fin Killie.

The band, under the Too Pure label, released three critically acclaimed albums: Houdini, Valentino, and Amelia. Despite disbanding in 1998, the group left a significant mark on the post-rock genre.

Transitioning from Long Fin Killie, Sutherland didn’t pause. He formed Bows and later joined the legendary Scottish post-rock band Mogwai as an occasional and touring member.

His versatility shines through as he toggles between the violin and guitar, showcasing his dynamic range as a musician. Furthermore, Luke has lent his voice to projects, notably on Mogwai’s track Mexican Grand Prix.

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Collaboration and Innovation

Besides his band engagements, Luke has been part of Music A.M., a collaborative effort with Stefan Schneider and Volker Bertelmann.

The trio released three albums, pushing creative boundaries with each. In recent years, Sutherland’s creative spirit gave birth to Rev Magnetic, where he continues to explore and expand his musical horizons.

Literary Pursuits

Parallel to his musical endeavors, Sutherland has carved out a niche in the literary world. His debut novel, Jelly Roll, was a contender for the Whitbread Prize, highlighting his literary prowess.

His novella, Venus As A Boy, draws heavily from his childhood, providing a deeply personal touch to his writings and reflecting his Scottish heritage and unique upbringing.

Influence and Legacy

Sutherland’s contribution to music and literature is not just about albums and publications. It’s about bridging cultural gaps and bringing diverse musical and narrative styles to the forefront.

His work in bands like Long Fin Killie and Mogwai, and his literary contributions, have cemented his place as a significant figure in both Scottish and international artistic circles.

Social Media Accounts

Instagram: N/A

Twitter: N/A

Facebook: N/A

All About Luke Sutherland Latest News 2024

There has been no information about him recently.

FAQs about Luke Sutherland

FAQs about Luke Sutherland

Who is Luke Sutherland?

He is a Scottish musician and novelist known for his involvement in bands like Long Fin Killie, Mogwai, and Bows. He has also published several novels and worked on music production.

What bands has Luke Sutherland been a part of?

Sutherland was a founding member of Long Fin Killie and later formed the band Bows. He has also collaborated frequently with Mogwai and recently started a new project called Rev Magnetic.

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Has Sutherland released any solo albums?

As of the latest updates, he has mainly focused on band projects and collaborations, particularly with his new project Rev Magnetic .

What are some of Sutherland’s notable novels?

His novels include Jelly Roll, Sweetmeat, and Venus as a Boy, with Jelly Roll being shortlisted for the Whitbread First Novel Award .

What themes does he explore in his music and novels?

Sutherland’s work often includes themes of identity, otherness, and belonging, influenced by his unique background and experiences growing up as a black child in the Orkneys.

What is Versus Universe about?

Versus Universe is an album by Rev Magnetic that tells the story of a woman’s life from adolescence to adulthood, exploring themes of neglect, longing, and self-discovery against a backdrop of her parents’ involvement in the Congolese space program .

How old is Luke Sutherland?

He is 53 years old as of 2024.

What role does he play in the band Mogwai?

He has worked with Mogwai primarily as a violinist and a contributor to their music, though he is not a permanent member of the band .

What are some key influences on Sutherland’s music style?

His music is noted for blending various genres, including elements of magical realism, shoegaze, IDM, and orchestral music, creating a unique and eclectic sound that reflects his broad musical influences and personal experiences .


Luke Sutherland’s financial and artistic journey reflects his status among famous British music icons. For a deeper look at his net worth and contributions to the music scene, visit Rachelparris.com today!

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