What is Lauren Ambrose Net Worth 2024: A Deep Dive into Career, Earnings and Financial Journey

What is Lauren Ambrose Net Worth 2024 A Deep Dive into Career, Earnings and Financial Journey

Curious about Lauren Ambrose net worth in 2024? In this article, RachelParris dives deep into her financial status, earnings, and career highlights. Let’s explore how this talented actress built her wealth.

Quick Facts

Real NameLauren Ambrose
Popular NameLauren Ambrose
Birth DateFebruary 20, 1978
ParentsAnne Wachtel, Frank D’Ambruoso
BirthplaceNew Haven, Connecticut, USA
EducationChoate Rosemary Hall, Boston University, Wilbur Cross High School, ACES Educational Center for the Arts, Tanglewood Music Center
Marital StatusMarried
Sexual OrientationStraight
Wife/SpouseSam Handel (m. 2001)
Children2 (Orson Handel)
Net Worth$6 million
Source of WealthActing, Broadway
Height5 ft 6 in (167 cm)
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What is the Net Worth of Lauren Ambrose in 2024?

What is the Net Worth of Lauren Ambrose in 2024?

Lauren Ambrose’s net worth in 2024 is estimated to be $6 million. She has built her wealth through a successful career in acting, both on television and on Broadway.

Compared to her Six Feet Under co-stars, Frances Conroy and Rachel Griffiths, Ambrose’s net worth is similar.

Conroy’s net worth is around $4 million, while Griffiths has approximately $6 million as well. This shows that Ambrose has done well, leveraging her roles in popular series and theater performances to accumulate her wealth.

What is the Salary/Income of Lauren Ambrose in 2024?

In 2024, Lauren’s annual income is substantial, primarily driven by her ongoing projects and residuals from past work. On average, her earnings from television roles, such as her part in Servant, contribute significantly.

Although specific figures for her salary per episode aren’t public, it’s estimated she earns several hundred thousand dollars annually, combining her various income sources from acting and theater work.

How Did Lauren Ambrose Accumulate Her Wealth?

How Did Lauren Ambrose Accumulate Her Wealth?

Career Highlights

Lauren Ambrose started her career in the 1990s and has had several notable roles. She is best known for playing Claire Fisher in Six Feet Under, which earned her two Emmy nominations.

Her recent role in the Apple TV+ series Servant has also contributed significantly to her earnings.

Notable TV Roles

Six Feet Under was a major breakthrough for Ambrose. Playing Claire Fisher, she became a household name and earned critical acclaim.

This role significantly boosted her career and financial status. In Servant, she plays Dorothy Turner, a role that has kept her in the public eye and maintained her income stream.

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Broadway Success

Ambrose has also made a name for herself on Broadway. Her performance as Eliza Doolittle in My Fair Lady was highly praised. Broadway roles have been lucrative for her, adding to her overall net worth.

Lauren Ambrose’s Earnings from Major Projects

Six Feet Under

Lauren’s role as Claire Fisher in Six Feet Under was not only critically acclaimed but also financially rewarding. This series significantly contributed to her net worth, as it was one of the most popular shows on HBO.


Her role in the Apple TV+ series Servant has been another major income source. Playing Dorothy Turner, Ambrose continues to draw a significant salary from this series, adding to her overall financial portfolio.

Broadway Performances

Performing on Broadway has also been a significant part of her income. Leading roles in productions such as My Fair Lady have not only brought her acclaim but also financial rewards.

Awards and Recognitions Impacting Lauren Ambrose’s Net Worth

Emmy Nominations

She has received two Emmy nominations for her role in Six Feet Under. These nominations have bolstered her reputation in the industry, leading to more lucrative roles and higher earnings.

Theater Awards

Ambrose has also been recognized for her theater work, winning awards like the Outer Critics Circle Award. These accolades have contributed to her financial success by opening up more high-paying opportunities.

Personal Investments and Assets

Real Estate Holdings

Ambrose has invested in real estate, which has added to her net worth. Details about her specific properties are private, but real estate is known to be a significant part of her financial portfolio.

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Private Investments

Besides real estate, Ambrose has likely made other private investments that contribute to her wealth. These investments provide a steady income and add to her financial security.

Social Media Accounts

FAQs about Lauren Ambrose

FAQs about Lauren Ambrose

Who is Lauren Ambrose?

She is an American actress known for her versatile roles in film, television, and theater. She gained significant fame from her role as Claire Fisher in the HBO series Six Feet Under.

What was Lauren’s breakout role?

Lauren’s breakout role was as Claire Fisher in Six Feet Under, which brought her critical acclaim and several award nominations, including two Primetime Emmy Award nominations.

Has Lauren worked in theater?

Yes, she has a strong background in theater. She has appeared in several Broadway productions, including a notable performance as Eliza Doolittle in My Fair Lady, which earned her a Tony Award nomination.

What movies has Lauren been in?

Ambrose has appeared in various films like Can’t Hardly Wait, Psycho Beach Party, and Where the Wild Things Are, where she voiced one of the characters.

Is Lauren Ambrose a singer?

Yes, Lauren is also a talented singer. She has showcased her vocal skills in Broadway musicals and has been the lead singer of the jazz band, The Leisure Class.

What recent TV shows has Lauren starred in?

Recently, she starred in Servant, an Apple TV+ psychological thriller, and joined the cast of Yellowjackets as the adult version of the character Van.

Has Lauren received any awards?

While she has received multiple nominations, including for Emmy and Tony awards, Lauren won two Screen Actors Guild Awards as part of the ensemble cast of Six Feet Under.

Does Lauren have any children?

Yes, she is married to Sam Handel and they have two children together.

What are some of Lauren’s hobbies?

Lauren has a deep love for literature and enjoys reading in her spare time. She also has a passion for nature and social activism.

What is Lauren’s educational background?

Lauren graduated from Choate Rosemary Hall and attended the arts magnet school in her hometown of New Haven, Connecticut.


Lauren Ambrose’s net worth in 2024 reflects her successful career in television, film, and Broadway. For more insights into the financial journeys of top comedy film actresses, visit rachelparris.com.