What is Joe DeRosa Net Worth 2024: Wiki, Age, Weight, Height, Relationships, And More

What is Joe DeRosa Net Worth 2024: Wiki, Age, Weight, Height, Relationships, And More

Joe DeRosa is not just a comedian; he’s a laughter mogul whose wit has translated into impressive earnings.

In this article, we’re exploring the depths of Joe DeRosa net worth, dissecting how his humor has not only entertained millions but also built a financial empire.

Quick Facts

Real NameJoe DeRosa
Popular NameJoe DeRosa
Birth DateAugust 6, 1977
Age46 years
BirthplaceCollegeville, Pennsylvania, USA
Marital StatusN/A
Sexual OrientationN/A
Net WorthN/A
Source of WealthStand-up comedy, acting, podcasting, music, entrepreneurship
Height5 ft 10½ in (1.79 m)
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What is the Net Worth Of Joe DeRosa 2024?

What is the Net Worth Of Joe DeRosa 2024?

As of 2024, Joe DeRosa‘s net worth remains a topic of speculation among fans and industry observers alike.

While exact figures are hard to come by, it’s clear that his multifaceted career has contributed to a considerable wealth accumulation.

Comparing him to peers like Bill Burr, Chris Distefano, Sal Vulcano, and Robert Kelly—each with their own diverse revenue streams from comedy, acting, and beyond—DeRosa’s financial standing is likely competitive.

Joe DeRosa Full Overview and Wiki

Joe DeRosa Full Overview and Wiki

From Humble Beginnings to the Comedy Stage

Joe DeRosa, a name synonymous with laughter, began his journey in the quaint town of Collegeville, Pennsylvania.

This promising comedian stepped into the limelight through the comedy duo Deep, quickly transitioning to stand-up, which became his true calling.

Performing regularly at the Laff House in Philadelphia, DeRosa’s move to New York City marked the beginning of a remarkable ascent among prominent stand-up comedians.

Radio Waves to Comedy Specials

DeRosa’s charisma and wit found a new avenue in 2006, co-hosting Uninformed with Bill Burr on Sirius Satellite Radio.

Although the show’s regular airing ended, it marked DeRosa’s burgeoning presence in comedy.

His comedic flair was further cemented with a half-hour Comedy Central Presents special, followed by several comedy albums that showcased his unique perspective and humor.

A Multifaceted Entertainment Career

Joe’s journey wasn’t confined to stand-up alone; he ventured into writing, acting, and directing, contributing significantly to his net worth.

Directing and starring in Cheat, a short film, and engaging in web series like Overrated, DeRosa demonstrated his versatility.

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His move to Los Angeles to write for The Pete Holmes Show and his voice role in Grand Theft Auto V are testaments to his evolving career.

Entrepreneurship and Podcasting Ventures

Innovatively blending his comedic talent with entrepreneurship, DeRosa ventured into the culinary world with Joey Roses, a testament to his adaptability and business acumen.

His engagement in podcasting, from co-hosting You Know What Dude? to launching Down With Joe DeRosa, highlights his influence in digital media.

Personal Life

DeRosa, much like his comedy, keeps his personal life filled with layers and nuances. While details about his dating life or family are kept away from the limelight, DeRosa’s candidness in his stand-up routines often offers glimpses into his personal experiences and reflections, making him relatable to his audience.

Joe DeRosa List News 2024

He was part of the 2024 SXSW Comedy Festival lineup, which is a big deal because SXSW Comedy is known for mixing TV, film, and comedy, connecting influential voices in the industry.

Social media

Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/joederosacomedy/ – 136k followers

Twitter: https://twitter.com/joederosacomedy – 81k followers

TikTok: https://www.tiktok.com/@joederosacomedian – 22k followers

FAQs about Joe DeRosa

FAQs about Joe DeRosa

Where was Joe DeRosa born and raised?

Joe DeRosa was born in the Northeast and spent his early years moving between Collegeville and Trappe. He also spent a significant amount of time with his cousins in Northeast Philly and had family in Norristown.

Did Joe DeRosa date Nikki Glaser?

Yes, Joe and Nikki Glaser dated for a period. They even co-starred in a web short series titled We Should Break Up in December 2012, which was based on their relationship experiences.

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What podcasts does he host or feature in?

He is a host on several podcasts, including We’ll See You In Hell, Taste Buds, Sal Vulcano & Joe DeRosa are…, Down with Joe DeRosa, Emotional Hangs, and Uninformed with Bill Burr & ….

What other professions does he engage in besides comedy?

Besides being a stand-up comedian, Joe is also an author, musician, actor, producer, director, editor, television writer, and podcast host.

Has Joe acted in any TV shows?

Yes, Joe played the role of Dr. Caldera in the TV show Better Call Saul.

What is his involvement in radio and television?

He has become a regular on The Opie and Anthony radio show and has appeared on Fox News’ Red Eye w/Tom Shillue (2007).

Can you find his books online?

Yes, his books are available for online shopping at Amazon.com.

What was the original concept behind the web series starring DeRosa and Nikki Glaser?

The web series We Should Break Up starring Joe and Nikki Glaser was initially supposed to feature DeRosa with a different woman he was dating, but it ended up recreating some of the situations he experienced with Glaser instead.

When did Joe Rogan start his podcast, and how does it relate to Joe DeRosa?

Joe Rogan launched his podcast in 2009, and while this fact is interesting, it doesn’t directly relate to Joe except for illustrating the broader context of podcasting within which DeRosa operates with his own shows.

How did he get his start in comedy?

He got his start in comedy performing as part of a musical duo at the New Road Brewhouse in his hometown of Collegeville, Pennsylvania.

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