What is Darrell Hammond Net Worth 2024: Wiki, Real Name, Age, Height, Family And More

What is Darrell Hammond Net Worth 2024 Wiki, Real Name, Age, Height, Family And More

Join us as we delve into the life of one of the stand-up comedy masters, Darrell Hammond, exploring the depths of Darrell Hammond net worth.

Let be with Rachelparris and uncover the financial nuances behind his illustrious career, exclusively on Rachelparris.com.

Quick Facts

Real NameDarrell Clayton Hammond
Popular NameDarrell Hammond
Birth DateOctober 8, 1955
ParentsMargaret Hammond, Max Hammond
BirthplaceMelbourne, Florida, United States
EducationUniversity of Florida, Eastern Florida State College, Melbourne High School
Marital StatusDivorced
Sexual OrientationStraight
Wife/SpouseElizabeth Hammond (m. 1997–2012), Elizabeth Hammond (m. 1990–1994)
ChildrenMia Hammond
Net Worth$2 million
Source of WealthComedy, Acting, Voiceovers
Height5 ft 7 in (1.70 m)
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What is the Net Worth Of Darrell Hammond in 2024?

What is the Net Worth Of Darrell Hammond 2024

In 2024, the legendary comedian and master of impressions, Darrell Hammond, boasts a net worth of a whopping $2 million.

His financial standing places him in a unique position when compared to other SNL legends such as Norm Macdonald and the iconic announcer Don Pardo.

While Norm Macdonald, who also played Colonel Sanders after Hammond, had his own remarkable career, Hammond’s diverse ventures in comedy, acting, and his long-standing role in Saturday Night Live (SNL) have culminated in his impressive net worth.

Lorne Michaels, the powerhouse behind SNL, certainly surpasses most in financial terms, yet Hammond’s own achievements, especially given his enduring tenure and wide array of impersonations on SNL, highlight his successful career in entertainment.

Darrell Hammond Full Overview and Wiki

From Humble Beginnings to SNL Stardom

Darrell Hammond, whose life story reads like a gripping novel, began his journey in Melbourne, Florida.

Born into a family facing its own set of challenges, Hammond found solace and acceptance in his uncanny ability to mimic voices, a talent that eventually carved out his path to stardom.

Despite the adversities of his early life, including severe abuse and the struggles of his parents, Hammond’s resilience shone through.

He pursued education at the University of Florida, graduating with a degree in advertising but soon realized his passion lay elsewhere.

The Road to Comedy and Impersonation Mastery

Darrell Hammond Road to Comedy and Impersonation Mastery

After college, his quest for comedy took him to New York City, where he honed his craft in stand-up and acting classes at HB Studio.

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His talents led him back to Florida, working as a radio DJ, but the pull of comedy was too strong, leading him back to New York.

Here, after years of perseverance and two failed Saturday Night Live auditions, Hammond’s spot-on Bill Clinton impression caught the eye of an SNL producer, marking the beginning of his storied 14-year tenure on the show.

SNL and Beyond: A Legacy of Laughter

On SNL, he became known for his incredible range of over 107 celebrity impressions, with Bill Clinton being the most prominent.

He set records for his long-standing presence on the show, only surpassed by Kenan Thompson, and became synonymous with the iconic phrase Live from New York, it’s Saturday Night!

His contributions went beyond performances, stepping in as the SNL announcer after Don Pardo’s passing, further solidifying his place in the show’s history.

Hammond’s career, however, extended beyond SNL.

He delved into voice acting, notably with his Elmer Fudd impression in Wappin’, appeared on Broadway, and even took on the role of Colonel Sanders in KFC advertisements.

His personal struggles with mental health and substance abuse, coupled with his resilience and openness, have endeared him to fans, making his memoir God, If You’re Not Up There, I’m F*cked a poignant read.

Beyond SNL: A Varied Career

His talents have not been confined to the stages of SNL.

His voice graced the airwaves as a radio DJ before his rise to fame, and his versatility as an actor and comedian saw him make his Broadway debut in The 25th Annual Putnam County Spelling Bee and star in numerous television shows, including Law & Order series.

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Furthermore, his stint as Colonel Sanders in the KFC ads showcased his appeal in mainstream advertising, adding another layer to his diverse career portfolio.

Personal Life

His personal life is marked by profound challenges and resilience. Marrying Elizabeth in 1990, divorcing, then remarrying her before ultimately divorcing again in 2012, highlights the complexity of his personal relationships.

The couple has a daughter, Mia, born in 1998. Hammond’s struggles extend beyond his marital life; he has openly battled alcoholism and cocaine addiction, with relapses often triggered by personal losses, including the death of close friends.

His homage to a friend who committed suicide by wearing black and his candid revelations about childhood abuse and mental health struggles underscore a life of significant adversity and courage in facing personal demons.

Social Media Accounts

All about Darrell Hammond Lists News 2024

Hammond brought his new solo show, CRAY, to the Minetta Lane Theatre in New York for a five-performance limited run from January 16–20, 2024.

SNL Alum Darrell Hammond Calls Denver the Ultimate American City

FAQs about Darrell Hammond

What is Darrell Hammond best known for

What is Darrell Hammond best known for?

He is renowned for his work as an actor, comedian, impressionist, and announcer, most notably as a long-standing cast member on Saturday Night Live (SNL) from 1995 to 2009 and as its announcer since 2014.

Did he have any mental health diagnoses?

In his past, he was told he had schizophrenia and manic depression (bipolar disorder). However, he later rejected these diagnoses, attributing his struggles with drugs, alcohol, and self-cutting to childhood trauma instead.

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How long was he a cast member on SNL?

He served as a cast member on SNL for 14 seasons, making him one of the longest-running cast members in the show’s history.

Who did he impersonate on SNL?

On SNL, Hammond famously impersonated more than 107 celebrities, including Bill Clinton, Al Gore, Donald Trump, John McCain, and many others.

Has he won any awards for his work?

Yes, he has received multiple honors and awards for his work, including the President’s Volunteer Service Award.

What challenges has he faced in his personal life?

He experienced severe physical abuse by his mother during his childhood, leading to significant challenges later in life, including self-mutilation and hospitalizations while he was performing on SNL.

What is his stance on his early mental health diagnoses?

He now rejects the early diagnoses of schizophrenia and bipolar disorder he received, believing that his issues stem from the severe childhood trauma he endured.

What movies has he appeared in?

He has appeared in films such as Blues Brothers 2000, Scary Movie 3, and Epic Movie, showcasing his versatility beyond sketch comedy.

How did Darrell Hammond get PTSD?

He developed Post Traumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD) as a result of the physical abuse he suffered at the hands of his mother during his childhood.

What is the movie Cracked Up about?

Cracked Up: The Darrell Hammond Story is a documentary that shares Hammond’s journey, including his childhood abuse and the resulting trauma that nearly destroyed his life.


In wrapping up, the journey through Darrell Hammond’s financial landscape reveals not just figures but a testament to resilience and talent.

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His net worth symbolizes a storied career that continues to inspire and entertain, solidifying his status as a comedy legend.

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