Top Comedians born in 1984: Rank, Net Worth, Award

Exploring comedians born in 1984 reveals a fascinating blend of humor, talent, and creativity. These artists have not only entertained us but also significantly impacted the comedy landscape.
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RankNameNet WorthAwards
1Sam Richardson$17 millionCreative Arts Emmy
2Lena Waithe$15 millionPrimetime Emmy
3Simon Rich$15 millionWriters Guild of America
4Zach Woods$5 million
5Cecily Strong$4 millionEmmy Nominee
6Abbi Jacobson$6 millionAnnie Award
7Kyle Mooney$3 millionEmmy Nominee
8Chris Lowell$700,000
9Betsy Sodaro$700,000
10Henry Zebrowski$400,000

Best Comedians Born in 1984

Top Comedians Born in 1984

Sam Richardson

Sam Richardson, with a net worth soaring at $17 million, isn’t just about the numbers. Known for his spell-binding performances and a Creative Arts Emmy to his name, Richardson’s comedic timing is as impeccable as his choice of roles.

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From stand-up to sketch comedy, his journey is a masterclass in versatility, engaging audiences across comedy clubs and television screens alike.

Lena Waithe

Lena Waithe, an icon who’s not only shaped her path but paved the way for others, stands tall with a net worth of $15 million and a historic Primetime Emmy win. Waithe’s work extends beyond the stage, influencing comedy genres and touching hearts through powerful storytelling and an unapologetic voice in both writing and acting.

Simon Rich

With a knack for turning the mundane into hilariously extraordinary narratives, Simon Rich, tied with Waithe at $15 million, has conquered the world of comedy writing. His contribution to sketch comedy and satirical writing has not only earned him Writers Guild of America awards but has also positioned him as a pivotal figure in modern comedy.

Zach Woods

Zach Woods might not boast an extensive awards shelf, but his $5 million net worth speaks volumes of his impact. Known for his roles that blend awkward charm with comedic brilliance, Woods’ performances in improvisation and sitcoms have garnered him a dedicated fanbase and a respected spot in the comedy world.

Cecily Strong

Cecily Strong, with a net worth of $4 million and an impressive Emmy nomination, epitomizes the dynamic world of sketch comedy. Her ability to inhabit every character she portrays, from the political to the absurd, showcases her range and dedication to her craft, making her a mainstay on Saturday Night Live.

Abbi Jacobson

Illustrator turned comedy powerhouse, Abbi Jacobson has carved a niche for herself, with a net worth of $6 million and an Annie Award to boot. Jacobson’s comedic style, rooted in relatability and razor-sharp wit, has elevated not just her career but also the benchmark for comedic storytelling.

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Kyle Mooney

Kyle Mooney, a beloved SNL cast member with a net worth of $3 million, brings a unique blend of comedy to the table. Known for his offbeat sketches and viral comedy sketches, Mooney’s approach to humor is both refreshing and profoundly impactful, resonating with a wide range of audiences.

Chris Lowell

Chris Lowell may be more known for his acting roles, but his venture into comedy has seen him amass a net worth of $700,000. His exploration of comedic roles and performances in various mediums showcases his versatility and dedication to the craft.

Betsy Sodaro

Betsy Sodaro, with a net worth of $700,000, is a testament to the power of voice acting in animation and live comedy. Her distinctive voice and uninhibited comedic style have made her a favorite in comedy series and animations, bringing characters to life with an unmatched zest.

Henry Zebrowski

Rounding off our list is Henry Zebrowski, with a net worth of $400,000. Known for his work on podcasts and adult swim series, Zebrowski’s comedic style is as unique as it is engaging, drawing in listeners and viewers for a taste of his humor that’s as dark as it is delightful.

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Who are some of the most famous comedians born in 1984?

Ah, the class of ’84 brought us some real gems! Names like John Mulaney, Trevor Noah, and Kat Dennings light up this list. They’ve been cracking us up with their unique humor, whether it’s on stage, on TV, or through their ingenious writing.

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Did any of the 1984-born comedians win major awards?

Absolutely! For instance, Trevor Noah has snagged several awards for his insightful comedy and hosting skills on The Daily Show. Awards like Emmys are no stranger to this group, celebrating their contributions to comedy and entertainment.

Did any of the 1984-born comedians win major awards

What makes comedians born in 1984 stand out?

It’s like they hit the comedy jackpot! This group has a diverse range of styles, from stand-up to sketch and improv. They’re known for their adaptability, innovative humor, and the way they reflect on our times with a mix of wit and wisdom.

Can I find any comedy specials from 1984-born comedians on Netflix?

You bet! Netflix has become a go-to place for comedy specials, featuring several specials from comedians born in 1984. From deep dives into personal stories to hilarious takes on everyday life, their specials are a must-watch.

How have these comedians contributed to television and film?

Many have taken their talents beyond the stage, starring in, writing, or creating TV shows and movies that have become part of our cultural fabric. They’re not just funny; they’re influential in shaping the content we love.

Are any of the comedians born in 1984 known for their work on SNL?

Yes, indeed! Saturday Night Live has been a launching pad for several 1984-born comedians, showcasing their comedic chops and catapulting them into the spotlight. Their sketches and characters are some of the show’s highlights.

What are some must-see TV shows created by comedian born in 1984?

Looking for a good laugh? Check out shows like The Last O.G. co-created by Jordan Peele and Broad City, involving Abbi Jacobson. These shows offer humor that’s both relatable and groundbreaking.

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Have any comedian 1984-born ventured into podcasting?

Podcasting has opened up a new avenue for these comedians to share their humor and insights. Many have either hosted or guest-starred on podcasts, where they get to be more personal and unfiltered.

What sets the humor of 1984-born comedians apart in today’s comedy scene?

Their humor resonates because it’s intertwined with genuine observations about life, identity, and society. They tackle topics with a mix of humor and gravity, making us think while we laugh.

Where can I watch performances by comedian born in 1984?

Check out streaming platforms like Netflix, HBO, and YouTube for their stand-up specials and TV show appearances. Also, don’t miss their social media for a regular dose of humor and updates on live performances.
Check for more talented 1984-born comedians around the world:


Comedians born in 1984 have left an indelible mark on the world of comedy, blending unique styles and unforgettable performances to delight audiences worldwide.

Jayde Adams
Blake Anderson
Kelen Coleman
Natasia Demetriou
Dominic Dierkes
Mike Drucker
Simon Rich
Patty Guggenheim
Ed Hill
Abbi Jacobson
Ian Karmel
Yassir Lester
Chris Lowell
Alphonso McAuley
Kyle Mooney
Kyle Newacheck
Sam Reich
Megan Ganz
Sam Richardson
Betsy Sodaro
Cecily Strong
Siobhan Thompson
Lena Waithe
Zach Woods
Justine Ezarik
Hampton Yount
Henry Zebrowski


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