What is Cedric the Entertainer Net Worth 2024: Wiki, Age, Weight, Height, Relationships, And More

What is Cedric the Entertainer Net Worth 2024 Wiki, Age, Weight, Height, Relationships, And More

Cedric the Entertainer, a legend in comedy and acting, has dazzled audiences worldwide with his humor and talent.

In this article, RachelParris will delve into the financial achievements of this iconic figure, examining his career highlights and ventures that have significantly contributed to Cedric the Entertainer net worth.

Quick Facts

Real NameCedric Antonio Kyles
Popular NameCedric the Entertainer
Birth DateApril 24, 1964
ParentsRosetta Boyce Kyles, Kittrell Kyles
SiblingsSharita Kyles Wilson
BirthplaceJefferson City, Missouri, U.S.
EducationSoutheast Missouri State University (BA)
Marital StatusMarried
Sexual OrientationN/A
Wife/SpouseLorna Wells
ChildrenCroix, Lucky Rose, Tiara
Net Worth$25 million
Source of WealthComedy, Acting, Television Hosting
GenresObservational comedy, blue comedy, surreal humor, insult comedy
Height5 ft 7½ in (1.71 m)
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What is the Net Worth Of Cedric the Entertainer 2024?

What is the Net Worth Of Cedric the Entertainer 2024

Cedric the Entertainer‘s net worth in 2024 stands impressively at $25 million, a testament to his versatility and longevity in the entertainment industry.

When compared to his peers, Cedric’s financial standing is notable. Bernie Mac, who sadly passed away in 2008, was also a revered figure in comedy with a net worth reflecting his success.

Steve Harvey, a close colleague and fellow King of Comedy, boasts a substantial net worth, thanks in part to his diverse roles in television and publishing.

Katt Williams and Rickey Smiley, both prolific in the realm of comedy and entertainment, have amassed fortunes that speak to their talents and audience appeal.

Cedric the Entertainer Full Overview and Wiki

Cedric the Entertainer Full Overview and Wiki

A Journey Through Comedy and Entertainment

Cedric the Entertainer, born Cedric Antonio Kyles, transformed from a gifted stand-up comedian to a multifaceted entertainer, adorning the realms of television, film, and game shows with his vibrant humor and captivating personality.

His journey commenced in the laughter-filled arenas of stand-up comedy, where Cedric, with his innate storytelling ability and magnetic stage presence, quickly ascended the ranks, becoming one of the most prominent stand-up comedians of his time.

From Stand-Up to Screen

The transition from stand-up stages to television and film seemed a natural progression for Cedric.

Hosting BET’s ComicView and Def Comedy Jam laid the foundation for a burgeoning TV career, eventually co-starring with Steve Harvey on The WB sitcom The Steve Harvey Show.

Notably, his role in Barbershop solidified his status as a versatile actor, capable of delivering performances that resonated with both critics and audiences alike.

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Cedric’s voice lent charm to characters in Ice Age and the Madagascar film series, showcasing his adaptability and reach beyond live-action roles.

His tenure as host of Who Wants to Be a Millionaire and starring roles in The Neighborhood and The Soul Man reflect a career that continually evolves, embracing both comedy and serious, reflective moments.

Achievements and Accolades

His achievements, including a star on the Hollywood Walk of Fame, echo a career built on persistent excellence and influence.

Through roles that challenge societal norms to characters that bring laughter to millions, Cedric’s journey is one of impactful entertainment.

Personal Life

Beyond the laughter and spotlight, Cedric treasures a life filled with love and commitment. Married to Lorna Wells, with whom he shares two children, Cedric’s foundation is firmly rooted in family.

His life off-screen is as enriching as his public persona, marked by moments of joy, introspection, and a continuous commitment to growth—both personal and professional.

Cedric the Entertainer List News 2024

He and Toni Braxton are teaming up for a Las Vegas residency titled Love & Laughter at The Chelsea at the Cosmopolitan of Las Vegas.

Social media

Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/cedtheentertainer/ – 3.3M followers

Twitter: https://twitter.com/CedEntertainer – 1.2M followers

Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/cedrictheentertainer/ – 3.6M followers

YouTube: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCJ80SFXwZo2wW-7B5Em3DXQ – 5.2k subscribers

FAQs about Cedric the Entertainer

FAQs about Cedric the Entertainer

Who is Cedric the Entertainer?

Cedric the Entertainer, known for his work in comedy and acting, is a prominent figure in the entertainment industry. He has been involved in various successful projects, including sitcoms, stand-up comedy, and hosting roles.

What are some of his notable works?

Cedric has been part of successful sitcoms like The Neighborhood and The Steve Harvey Show. He has also been involved in comedy tours and hosting gigs, showcasing his versatility in the entertainment world.

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What is The Neighborhood about?

The Neighborhood is a hit sitcom on CBS that follows the Butlers, a Black family living in a predominantly Black neighborhood in Pasadena, California. The show explores themes like gentrification, race relations, and community dynamics.

How has his comedy evolved over the years?

Cedric’s comedy style has evolved to address a wide range of topics, including social issues like Black Lives Matter, white privilege, and pregnancy loss. He aims to tackle these subjects in a thought-provoking yet humorous manner.

What is his approach to comedy and social commentary?

His approach to comedy and social commentary is characterized by addressing relevant issues without being preachy. He believes in raising questions and exploring various subject matters without imposing a specific belief system on his audience.

How has his experience on The Steve Harvey Show influenced his career?

His experience on The Steve Harvey Show provided him with valuable insights into leading a sitcom. By observing and learning from his time on the show, he was able to hone his skills and make informed decisions about his career trajectory.

What role did he play in the milestone episode of The Neighborhood?

He not only stars in The Neighborhood but also directed the milestone episode of the show. His involvement as an executive producer showcases his multifaceted talents in the entertainment industry.

How has his comedy been influenced by his past experiences, such as working on Def Comedy Jam?

Cedric’s comedy has been shaped by his past experiences, including working on platforms like Def Comedy Jam. These opportunities allowed him to express himself authentically and paved the way for other Black comedians to showcase their talent.

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What are some of his upcoming projects?

Cedric is currently on a comedy tour titled Straight Jokes No Chaser with fellow comedians. Additionally, he continues to work on The Neighborhood and other projects that highlight his comedic prowess and storytelling abilities.

How has his longevity in the entertainment industry been sustained?

He attributes his longevity in the entertainment industry to his diverse experiences, including starring in sitcoms, hosting comedy shows, and collaborating with other talented individuals.


His journey from a stand-up comedian to a household name in entertainment is not just inspiring but also a testament to his hard work and talent. His net worth reflects the impact he’s made on fans and the industry alike.

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