What is Appurv Gupta Net Worth 2024: Bio, Age, Height, Family, Comedic Style, And More

What is Appurv Gupta Net Worth 2024 Bio, Age, Height, Family, Comedic Style, And More

When we talk about top stand-up comedians, Appurv Gupta’s name often pops up. His unique humor has not just won hearts but has also raised curiosity about his net worth. How has his wit translated into wealth?

Let’s dive into the financial world of this comedic genius and uncover the numbers that define Appurv Gupta net worth.

Quick Facts

Real NameAppurv Gupta
Popular NameGuptaji
Birth Date N/A
ParentsEngineer father, Homemaker mother
BirthplaceDelhi, India
EducationEngineering, Jaypee Institute of Information Technology
Marital StatusNot Publicly Available
Sexual OrientationStraight
Net WorthN/A
Source of WealthStand-up Comedy, Acting, Investments
Years ActiveN/A
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What is the Net Worth Of Appurv Gupta 2024?

What is the Net Worth Of Appurv Gupta 2024

While exact figures are as elusive as a punchline in a suspense thriller, industry estimates and public appearances give us a ballpark.

Compared to Zakir Khan and Biswa Kalyan Rath, who have carved their niches with unique comedic styles, Appurv Gupta‘s financial landscape is shaped by his engineering humor, corporate gigs, and social media presence.

While not at the top of the financial ladder like Zakir Khan, whose storytelling charm has amassed a significant fortune, Gupta holds his ground with a blend of live performances and digital content.

Biswa, with his analytical humor, also presents a formidable financial figure, but it’s Gupta’s entrepreneurial ventures that add an intriguing layer to his net worth. Without concrete numbers, it’s a close race, but each comedian’s wealth reflects their unique appeal and audience reach.

Appurv Gupta Overview and Wiki

Appurv Gupta Overview and Wiki

The Engineering Comic

Born in the heart of Delhi to a family with a technical background, Appurv Gupta‘s journey from an engineering graduate to a stand-up comedy sensation is nothing short of remarkable.

His early life, marked by a conventional education at the Jaypee Institute of Information Technology, set the stage for an unconventional career path.

The Rise of Guptaji

Gupta’s foray into comedy began with performances at Toastmasters International, where he honed his craft. However, it was his relatable humor, often revolving around the quirks of being an engineer and the idiosyncrasies of Indian life, that won hearts.

With shows like Appurview, RelationShip Or RelationShit, and Laugh with an Engineer 2.0, he carved a niche for himself, blending self-deprecating humor with keen observations of everyday life.

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Beyond Laughter

But Appurv Gupta is not just about laughs. His involvement in the film Afwaah showcased his acting chops, while his ranking as a top comedian by CNN-IBN and nomination for the Forbes India 100 Celebrity list highlight his industry recognition.

His TEDx Talk, entrepreneurial ventures, and contributions during the COVID-19 pandemic reflect a persona that transcends comedic boundaries.

The Entrepreneurial Comic

Gupta’s investments in startups like Nimo Planet and Ohi signal a keen business acumen, blending humor with serious entrepreneurship. This diversification not only broadens his financial portfolio but also enriches his comedic material, offering insights into the startup culture and the corporate world.

A Comic’s Influence

Through over 1000 shows, including performances for corporate giants and prestigious educational institutions, Gupta has established a rapport with a wide audience.

His social media platforms, with millions of views, amplify his reach, making him a prominent figure in the digital age of comedy.

Personal life

There wasn’t publicly available information regarding his marital status.

Social Media Accounts

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There is no information about his upcoming projects in 2024 yet.

FAQs about Appurv Gupta

FAQs about Appurv Gupta

Who is Appurv Gupta?

He is an acclaimed Indian Hinglish stand-up comedian and satirist.

What are some notable achievements of Appurv Gupta?

He has been recognized as one of the top Indian stand-up comedians by networks like CNN-IBN and Forbes India. His unique style earned him a spot in the Forbes India Celebrity 100 Nominees List in 2015.

What kind of comedy does he perform?

Gupta is known for his clean humor and satirical take on everyday life, particularly from an engineer’s perspective. His content often includes a mix of Hindi and English (Hinglish).

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What are some of his popular shows?

Some of his famous shows include ‘AppurView-Laugh With an Engineer’, ‘RelationShip Or RelationShit’, ‘Laugh with an Engineer 2.0,’ and ‘Kaafi Wild Hai’.

Has he done any web series?

Yes, he started the web series ‘Mudde Ki Baat’ in 2016, where he humorously discusses various topics like startups in India and Bollywood.

What are his contributions to COVID-19 relief efforts?

Gupta used his social media influence to amplify SOS requests and spread verified information about supplies and essential items during the COVID-19 pandemic.

What kind of audiences does he cater to?

Gupta performs for a wide range of audiences, including corporate shows for companies like Microsoft, Adobe, and American Express. He also performs at educational institutes and public events.

How can one book Appurv Gupta for an event?

Booking inquiries for Appurv Gupta can be made via email at [email protected], and he is available for a variety of events ranging from corporate to private parties.

What languages does he perform in?

He performs in both English and Hindi.

Does he have a YouTube channel?

Yes, he has a YouTube channel with over 400,000 subscribers, where he posts his comedy content.


So there you have it, the journey through Appurv Gupta’s financial landscape. While his net worth is an intriguing topic, it’s his talent and hard work that truly define him. Stay tuned with RachelParris.com for more exclusive insights into the lives of your favorite comedians. Remember, behind every laughter, there’s a story worth knowing!