What is Alison Spittle Net Worth 2024: Bio, Age, Height, Family, Comedic Style, And More

What is Alison Spittle Net Worth 2024 Bio, Age, Height, Family, Comedic Style, And More

Wondering about Alison Spittle net worth? You’re in the right spot! Today, we’re peeling back the layers to explore the financial fabric of this beloved comedian and writer.

From her humble beginnings to her ascent in the entertainment world, get ready for an enlightening journey through Alison’s career and earnings.

Quick Facts

Real NameAlison Spittle
Popular NameAlison Spittle
Birth DateJune 14, 1989
BirthplaceHarrow, London, United Kingdom
EducationGraduated from college in Dublin
Marital StatusN/A
Sexual OrientationN/A
Net WorthN/A
Source of WealthComedy, writing, acting
Years ActiveN/A

What is the Net Worth Of Alison Spittle 2024?

What is the Net Worth Of Alison Spittle 2024

When it comes to the net worth of Alison Spittle in 2024, specific figures are hard to pin down due to the private nature of financial earnings in the comedy sector. However, by comparing her career trajectory and public engagements with those of her peers, we can get a rough estimate.

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Fern Brady and Ania Magliano are two comedians who share a somewhat similar career path in terms of genre and audience reach.

Fern Brady, known for her sharp wit and fearless stand-up, has seen a steady rise in her career, potentially placing her net worth in a similar bracket to Spittle’s, given their shared podcast venture and comparable stage time.

Ania Magliano, a newer face on the comedy scene, might have a slightly lower net worth due to her more recent entry into the professional comedy world. It’s important to note that net worth can fluctuate based on various factors, including show sales, television appearances, and podcast success.

Alison Spittle Overview and Wiki

Alison Spittle Overview and Wiki

The Journey Begins

Alison Spittle‘s journey into the limelight is nothing short of inspirational. Born on June 14, 1989, in Harrow, London, she moved to Ireland during her childhood, a move that would eventually shape her comedic and cultural identity.

Her early life was marked by frequent relocations, including a stint in Germany, before settling in the Irish midlands. This nomadic lifestyle provided Alison with a rich tapestry of experiences and perspectives, fueling her unique comedic voice.

The Rise to Fame

Alison’s career took off after she returned to Westmeath, where she began working as a researcher for iRadio alongside comedian Bernard O’Shea. This experience was pivotal, laying the groundwork for her future in comedy.

She soon found herself supporting PJ Gallagher, a move that catapulted her into the comedy circuit. Her participation in So You Think You’re Funny and her subsequent performances in Edinburgh and Dublin fringe festivals solidified her status as a rising star in comedy.

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A Multifaceted Talent

She is not just a stand-up comedian; she’s a versatile talent who has made significant strides in writing and acting. Her sitcom Nowhere Fast, which she co-wrote and starred in, received critical acclaim for its witty exploration of life in rural Ireland.

Additionally, her work on Republic of Telly and her contributions to various podcasts, including The Alison Spittle Show, showcase her broad range of skills and her ability to connect with audiences on multiple levels.

A Voice in the Industry

Beyond her performances and writing, Alison has become a respected voice in the comedy industry. Her candid discussions about anxiety and her experiences as a woman in comedy have endeared her to fans and peers alike. Her participation in festivals and her regular appearances on radio and podcasts underscore her influence and commitment to her craft.

Personal life

There is no information about her husband and children.

Social Media Accounts

All about Alison Spittle Latest News in 2024

Alison Spittle announced a 2024 tour for her stand-up show Soup, which deals with her complex PTSD. The show was launched at the Edinburgh Fringe and includes 25 dates, starting at the Forest Arts Theatre in New Milton on 18th January and featuring a four-night run at the Soho Theatre

FAQs about Alison Spittle

FAQs about Alison Spittle

Who is Alison Spittle?

She is an Irish comedian, comedy writer, radio producer, and actor known for her work across various media platforms, including radio, podcasts, and television.

What podcasts has she worked on?

She has worked on several podcasts, including the Alison Spittle Show, Wheel of Misfortune (which she co-hosted with Fern Brady before Kerry Katona became the permanent co-host), and has been a regular and well-loved co-host of The Guilty Feminist podcast.

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Has she acted in any films?

Yes, she appeared in the 2019 comedy film Extra Ordinary.

What is ‘Nowhere Fast,’ and what role did she have in it?

‘Nowhere Fast’ is a six-part sitcom that Alison Spittle co-wrote with Simon Mulholland. The series, which began airing in November 2017, follows Angela, played by Spittle, as she moves back to her hometown after losing her job in Dublin due to a libel case. It was generally well-received by critics and viewers.

Has she participated in any game shows?

Yes, in November 2023, she appeared on the game show Richard Osman’s House of Games and finished in 2nd place, just one point behind the winner, Clive Anderson.

Did Covid-19 change how she creates work?

Alison mentioned that moving to the UK and the focus on the Edinburgh calendar changed how she approaches shows. The lockdown period made her reflect on her identity as a comedian, striving for a healthier perspective moving forward.

What are her thoughts on ‘cancel culture’ in comedy?

She believes that not all controversial stand-up she’s seen qualifies as art and that criticizing it doesn’t equate to cancel culture. She emphasizes the importance of being nice and not hurting others.

What advice does she have for taking a show to the fringe?

Alison advises bringing spices in a pill portion box, being respectful to venue staff, and staying an extra day or two for the firework festival


Wrapping up our exploration of Alison Spittle’s net worth, it’s clear she’s more than just a number. Her journey reflects her passion, resilience, and the impact she’s made on her audience. With Rachelparris.com, we’ve ventured beyond mere figures to appreciate the person behind the comedy.

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