What is Sylvan Richardson Net Worth 2024: Bio, Age, Height, Family, Music Style, And More

What is Sylvan Richardson Net Worth 2024 Bio, Age, Height, Family, Music Style, And More

Ever wondered about Sylvan Richardson net worth? As a former musician turned physiotherapist, his career transitions are as interesting as his net worth.

In this quick overview, we’ll explore the factors that have influenced his earnings and how they align with his diverse career path.

Quick Facts

Real NameSylvan Richardson
Popular NameSylvan Richardson
Birth Date1965
Age58-59 years
BirthplaceLambeth, London, England
EducationStudied composition in New York City
Marital StatusN/A
Sexual OrientationN/A
Net WorthN/A
Source of WealthMusic, Masseur
Years Active1985–present
Genres New wave, soul
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What is the Net Worth Of Sylvan Richardson 2024?

What is the Net Worth of Sylvan Richardson 2024

Comparing Sylvan Richardson to his contemporaries in the music scene, such as Tony Bowers, Chris Joyce, and Tim Kellett, paints an interesting picture of financial trajectories within the British music industry.

All are esteemed as the most well-known British musicians, their paths showcase the varying levels of financial success attainable in this dynamic field.

Unfortunately, specific net worth figures for Sylvan Richardson are not publicly available, making direct comparisons challenging.

However, insights into the careers of Bowers and Joyce, both formerly of Simply Red like Richardson, and Kellett, who ventured from Simply Red to other musical collaborations, suggest that Richardson’s financial outcomes may parallel those who have similarly shifted between mainstream success and niche artistic pursuits.

Sylvan Richardson Overview and Wiki

Sylvan Richardson Overview and Wiki

Early Life and Career Beginnings

Sylvan Richardson, once known merely as the Simply Red guitarist, embarked on his musical journey with grand aspirations. His early career was marked by a significant stint with Simply Red, where he played an integral role in the album Men and Women and subsequent world tours.

This experience not only sharpened his skills but also solidified his reputation as a British musician.

Transition to Composition and Session Work

Disillusioned with the pace and pressures of mainstream success, he left Simply Red and moved to New York City to study composition. This period of educational growth led him to work with notable figures such as Andy Sheppard and the girl group Cleopatra, enhancing his resume as a session bassist and band director.

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His ability to adapt and excel in diverse musical roles underscores his enduring relevance in the music industry.

Formation of The Sylvan Richardson Band

Beyond session work, he established The Sylvan Richardson Band, based in Manchester. This move not only marked his leadership in the jazz and pop genres but also his commitment to nurturing a music scene in his local community.

Pursuit of Personal Interests and Wellness Career

His interests extend beyond music. He is an avid player of squash and a practitioner of Kung Fu, hobbies that reflect his dynamic personality and his pursuit of personal wellness.

Transitioning into wellness, he trained as a masseur, eventually gaining recognition as Sir Chris Hoy’s masseur and later as Liverpool F.C.’s masseur. These roles underscore his versatility and ability to redefine his career path.

Media Appearances and Current Endeavors

His unique career trajectory caught public attention, leading to a guest appearance on the BBC comedy quiz show Would I Lie To You?. Today, Richardson continues to balance his dual careers in music and wellness, maintaining a presence in both industries while catering to a diverse clientele.

Social Media Accounts

  • Facebook: N/A
  • Twitter: N/A
  • Instagram: N/A
  • YouTube: N/A

All about Sylvan Richardson Latest News in 2024

There is no information about his upcoming projects in 2024 yet.

FAQs about Sylvan Richardson

FAQs about Sylvan Richardson

Who is Sylvan Richardson?

He is a British guitarist, composer, and masseur, known for his work with the band Simply Red and as a session musician. He has also worked as a masseur for high-profile sports teams and individuals.

What bands was Richardson part of?

He was a one-time guitarist for Simply Red and has worked with various artists and groups, including Andy Sheppard and his own band, The Sylvan Richardson Band.

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What instruments does he play?

He is proficient in playing the guitar and bass guitar.

When did Richardson’s career start?

His professional music career began in 1985.

Is Richardson still active in music?

Yes, as of the latest updates, he is still active in music, leading his own group based in Manchester.

Has he worked in any other professions?

Beyond music, he trained and worked as a professional masseur, including a stint as the masseur for Liverpool F.C. and for cyclist Sir Chris Hoy.

What are some notable moments from his career with Simply Red?

He was involved in their second album Men and Women and left the band after its tour, before pursuing further studies in composition.

What genre of music is Richardson known for?

His musical styles include New Wave and Soul music.

Does he have any hobbies?

He enjoys playing squash and practicing Kung Fu in his spare time.

What is Richardson’s educational background?

After leaving Simply Red, he studied composition in New York City.

Has he appeared on television?

Yes, he made a guest appearance on the BBC comedy quiz show Would I Lie To You?


That wraps up our insight into Richardson’s net worth. From his days strumming the bass with Simply Red to his current success in the health sector, Sylvan’s financial journey is as dynamic as his career. For more intriguing celebrity financial insights, keep it locked on Rachelparris.com.

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