What is Martin Starr Net Worth 2024: Career, Earnings and Financial Overview

What is Martin Starr Net Worth 2024: Career, Earnings and Financial Overview

Discover the impressive Martin Starr net worth with insights from RachelParris. This overview dives into his career, key TV roles, film successes, and income as one of the highest-paid TV actors.

Quick Facts

Real NameMartin James Pflieger Schienle
Popular NameMartin Starr
Birth DateJuly 30, 1982
ParentsJim Schienle, Jean St. James
BirthplaceSanta Monica, California
EthnicityMixed (Hungary, Austria, Poland, Bohemia, Scotland, Ireland, Germany, England)
EducationLos Angeles County High School for the Arts
Marital StatusN/A
Sexual OrientationN/A
Net Worth$6 million (estimated)
Source of WealthActing, Television, Film
Height6 ft 1 in (1.85 m)

What is the Net Worth Of Martin Starr in 2024?

What is the Net Worth Of Martin Starr in 2024

Martin Starr’s net worth in 2024 is estimated at $6 million. This places him in a respectable position among actors of his generation.

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Compared to others in the same industry, his net worth reflects his consistent work in both television and film.

Martin Starr Finance Overview

Martin Starr Finance Overview

Martin Starr‘s journey to financial success began with his early life and career beginnings. Born in Santa Monica, California, he showed an interest in acting from a young age.

He gained initial recognition with his role as Bill Haverchuck on the cult favorite Freaks and Geeks, which, despite its short run, left a lasting impact and contributed to his career growth.

Transitioning to major TV and film roles, he continued to build his reputation. His performances in key roles on television and in movies have been significant contributors to his income.

Key Television Roles Contributing to His Wealth

Freaks and Geeks was a cornerstone for Martin’s career. Playing Bill Haverchuck not only gave him initial fame but also provided long-term financial benefits due to the show’s enduring popularity.

In Party Down, he portrayed Roman DeBeers. The show’s success, although short-lived, added to his financial portfolio.

His role in Silicon Valley as Bertram Gilfoyle stands out as one of the most lucrative. The HBO series ran from 2014 to 2019, bringing him considerable earnings and critical acclaim.

Notable Film Roles and Their Financial Impact

His film career includes several hits. Early roles in Knocked Up opened doors to other significant projects.

The success of this film, coupled with roles in movies like Adventureland and Superbad, added substantial income streams.

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His contributions to the Marvel Cinematic Universe as Roger Harrington in films like Spider-Man: Homecoming further solidified his financial standing, given the high earnings associated with these blockbuster movies.

Guest Appearances and Recurring Roles on TV

Apart from his main roles, he has made numerous guest appearances on popular shows such as How I Met Your Mother and Community.

These roles, while not as prominent, have contributed to his steady income. Recurring roles on series like Parks and Recreation have also provided financial stability and continuous exposure.

Other Income Sources and Financial Ventures

Starr has diversified his income through participation in film festivals and short films, which not only bring monetary rewards but also enhance his industry presence.

Collaborations with influential industry figures like Judd Apatow and Seth Rogen have been crucial in shaping his career and financial trajectory.

These partnerships have led to roles in successful projects and, consequently, financial gain.

Social Media Account

Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/martinstarr/

Twitter: https://twitter.com/MartinStarr

FAQs about Martin Starr

FAQs about Martin Starr

What is Martin Starr best known for?

He is best known for his roles in Freaks and Geeks as Bill Haverchuck and in Silicon Valley as Bertram Gilfoyle.

How did he start his acting career?

He began his acting career as a teenager, gaining recognition with Freaks and Geeks in 1999.

What other TV shows has Starr appeared in?

He has appeared in Party Down, Children’s Hospital, Life in Pieces, and guest-starred on Parks and Recreation and New Girl.

What movies has Starr been in?

He has been in Superbad, Adventureland, Knocked Up, and Spider-Man: Homecoming.

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Has he won any awards?

He has received critical acclaim and several nominations, including from the Screen Actors Guild Awards for Silicon Valley.

What is his educational background?

He attended Los Angeles County High School for the Arts.

How has Starr’s career evolved over time?

His career has evolved from a cult TV star in Freaks and Geeks to a respected actor in both TV and film, showcasing his range from comedic to serious roles.


Martin Starr’s financial success showcases his journey among the wealthiest male actors. For more details, insights, and discussions, visit rachelparris.com.

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