What is Lara Jill Miller Net Worth 2024: Income from Voice Acting Roles And More

What is Lara Jill Miller Net Worth 2024: Income from Voice Acting Roles And More

Lara Jill Miller, an American actress and voice-over artist, is best known for her work on TV and in animation.

In this article, we dive into Lara Jill Miller net worth, exploring her financial success and career highlights.

Quick Facts

Real NameLara Jill Miller
Popular NameLara Jill Miller
Birth DateApril 20, 1967
Age57 years old
ParentsLois Miller, Stanley Miller
SiblingsSharon Miller, Cindy Miller
BirthplaceAllentown, Pennsylvania, USA
EducationNYU, Fordham University School of Law
Marital StatusN/A
Sexual OrientationN/A
Net Worth$3 million
Source of WealthActing, Voice Acting
GenresComedy, Animation, Drama
Height5 ft 3 in (1.60 m)

What is the Net Worth Of Lara Jill Miller in 2024?

What is the Net Worth Of Lara Jill Miller in 2024

As of 2024, Lara Jill Miller’s net worth is estimated to be $3 million. This impressive figure reflects her long-standing career in the entertainment industry, spanning from her early days on Broadway to her significant roles in various animated series.

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For comparison, Jessica DiCicco, another notable voice actress, has a net worth of around $5 million, while Cristina Pucelli stands at approximately $4 million.

On the other hand, her former Gimme a Break! co-stars, Kari Michaelsen and Lauri Hendler, have net worths closer to $1 million each. This places Lara Jill Miller comfortably among the wealthier voice actors, yet behind some of the richest global comedy film actresses.

Early Life

Lara Jill Miller Full Overview and wiki

Lara Jill Miller was born and raised in Allentown, Pennsylvania. Growing up in a family with a pajama factory owner father and a talent agency founder mother, she had a unique blend of business and creative influences.

She attended William Allen High School before moving on to New York University (NYU), where she was active in the women’s varsity tennis team.

Later, she earned her J.D. from Fordham University School of Law, balancing her academic pursuits with a burgeoning acting career.

Acting Career Beginnings

Miller’s acting career took off on Broadway, playing Amaryllis in The Music Man alongside Dick Van Dyke.

Her breakout role came in 1981 when she starred as Samantha Sam Kanisky on the popular sitcom Gimme a Break! This role established her in the entertainment world and paved the way for future opportunities.

Transition to Voice Acting

After her stint in live-action roles, Miller made a successful transition to voice acting. She lent her voice to Kari Kamiya in Digimon Adventure 2, Clifford the Puppy in Clifford’s Puppy Days, and many other memorable characters. This move showcased her versatility and opened new doors in the animation industry.

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Notable Voice Acting Roles


Lara Jill Miller’s voice acting portfolio is extensive. She is well-known for her roles in Doc McStuffins as Lambie, The Loud House as Lisa Loud, and Widget in Wow! Wow! Wubbzy! These roles have earned her numerous accolades and solidified her place in the voice acting community.

Legal Career and Other Ventures

Beyond acting, Miller also pursued a legal career. She earned her J.D. from Fordham University and was admitted to practice law in New Jersey, New York, and Pennsylvania. Balancing a legal career with acting highlights her impressive versatility and dedication.

Influence and Legacy

Lara Jill Miller has made a significant impact on the entertainment industry, particularly in children’s programming and animated series. Her work continues to inspire future generations of voice actors and entertainers.

Social media

Instagram: @larajillmiller – 9.3k followers

Twitter: LaraJillMiller – 11k followers

Facebook: LaraJillMillersPage – 8k followers

FAQs about Lara Jill Miller

FAQs about Lara Jill Miller

Who is Lara Jill Miller?

Lara Jill Miller is an American actress and voice actress, known for her role as Samantha Sam Kanisky on the 1980s sitcom Gimme a Break! and for voicing Kari Kamiya in Digimon Adventure.

How did she start her career?

She began her career at a young age, starring in Gimme a Break! which propelled her into the spotlight. Her career expanded into voice acting, where she gained further recognition.

What are some of her notable voice roles?

Lara has voiced many characters including Kari Kamiya in Digimon Adventure, Lambie in Doc McStuffins, and Lisa Loud in The Loud House.

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How old is Lara Jill Miller?

As of May 2024, she is 57 years old.

What advocacy work is Lara Jill Miller involved in?

She is actively involved in charitable causes, particularly focusing on children’s health and education.

What other TV shows and movies has Lara Jill Miller appeared in?

Besides Gimme a Break! she has appeared in The Amanda Show, Clifford’s Puppy Days, and numerous other animated series and films.


Her net worth showcases her successful career in entertainment. From TV roles to voice acting, she has built a notable financial portfolio. Stay updated with more insights on your favorite stars at rachelparris.com.