What is Judy Greer Net Worth 2024: A Deep Dive into Her Wealth and Financial

What is Judy Greer Net Worth 2024 A Deep Dive into Her Wealth and Financial

Judy Greer, a versatile actress known for her roles in both TV and film, has built an impressive career. But what about her finances? In this article, Rachel Parris will explore Judy Greer net worth, income sources, and financial journey, giving you a detailed look into how she has amassed her wealth.

Quick Facts

Real NameJudith Therese Evans
Popular NameJudy Greer
Birth DateJuly 20, 1975
ParentsMollie Ann Evans, Rich Evans
BirthplaceDetroit, Michigan
EducationDePaul University (1997), Churchill High School, The Theatre School at DePaul University
Marital StatusMarried
Sexual OrientationStraight
Wife/SpouseDean E. Johnsen
Net Worth$5 million
Source of WealthActing, Voice Acting, Writing, Directing
Years Active1997 – Present
Height1.73 m
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What is the Net Worth Of Judy Greer in 2024?

What is the Net Worth of Judy Greer in 2024

As of 2024, Judy Greer has an impressive net worth of $5 million. This wealth stems from her diverse career in the entertainment industry, spanning acting, voice acting, writing, and directing.

In comparison, Alexandra Kyle, known for her roles in 13 Going on 30 and Eye for an Eye, has an estimated net worth of around $500,000.

Meanwhile, Andi Matichak, who gained fame from the Halloween film series, boasts a worth of approximately $1 million. Judy Greer’s financial success is significantly higher, reflecting her extensive and varied career.

Understanding Judy Greer’s Finances


Major Film Roles and Earnings

One of the key contributors to Judy Greer’s net worth is her work in major films. She gained widespread recognition with her role in 13 Going on 30, where she starred alongside Jennifer Garner. This movie was a commercial success, and it opened doors to more lucrative roles.

Another notable film is Jurassic World, which grossed over a billion dollars worldwide. Her participation in such high-grossing films significantly boosted her earnings.

Television Success and Consistent Income

While Judy Greer has had a successful film career, her television roles have provided a steady stream of income. She is well-known for her role as Kitty Sanchez in Arrested Development and as Cheryl Tunt in the animated series Archer.

These TV shows have not only showcased her comedic talent but also contributed to her financial stability.

Voice Acting and Its Financial Impact

Voice acting has been another lucrative avenue for Judy Greer. Her work as Cheryl Tunt in Archer has been particularly noteworthy.

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Voice acting roles tend to have longevity, providing actors with a steady income over many years. This aspect of her career has undoubtedly played a significant role in her financial growth.

Authoring a Memoir

In addition to her acting career, she is also an author. She wrote a memoir titled I Don’t Know What You Know Me From: Confessions of a Co-Star.

The book received positive reviews and added another stream of income to her diverse career. Book sales and related promotional activities have further contributed to her worth.

Directorial Debut and New Ventures

Judy Greer made her directorial debut with the film A Happening of Monumental Proportions. This new venture into directing not only showcases her multifaceted talent but also opens up new financial opportunities.

As she continues to explore directing, it’s likely to become a significant part of her income.

Personal Investments and Assets

Apart from her earnings from the entertainment industry, Judy Greer has made personal investments that contribute to her worth. Her assets include real estate properties and other investments that ensure her financial security.

While specific details about her investments are private, it’s clear that she has made smart financial decisions.

Awards and Recognition

Although Judy Greer might not have a trophy case filled with awards, her recognition in the industry has boosted her career.

Roles in critically acclaimed films and TV shows have made her a respected figure in Hollywood, indirectly contributing to her marketability and financial success.

Social Media Accounts

FAQs about Judy Greer

FAQs about Judy Greer

Who is Judy Greer?

Judy Greer, born Judith Therese Evans on July 20, 1975, in Detroit, Michigan, is a renowned American actress known for her versatile roles in both film and television.

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What was Greer’s first major role?

Her breakout role was as the quirky assistant in the 2000 film What Women Want.

Has she written any books?

Yes, she is also an author. She wrote a memoir titled I Don’t Know What You Know Me From: Confessions of a Co-Star.

What are some notable films she has appeared in?

she has appeared in many films, including 13 Going on 30, Jurassic World, Ant-Man, and The Descendants.

Does she work in voice acting?

Yes, she’s a talented voice actress, known for voicing characters in Archer and The Simpsons.

What role did she play in ‘The Big Bang Theory’?

She played Dr. Elizabeth Plimpton in a Season 3 episode titled The Plimpton Stimulation.

What character does she portray in ‘Arrested Development’?

In Arrested Development, she is remembered for her role as Kitty Sanchez, the secretary known for her comical antics.

What is Greer’s educational background?

She graduated from the prestigious Theatre School at DePaul University, where she honed her acting skills.

Has she received any awards for her acting?

She won a Screen Actors’ Guild Award for her performance in The Descendants.

What are some of Greer’s hobbies outside of acting?

She has a passion for photography and enjoys capturing moments behind the camera.

How has Greer’s voice contributed to her acting career?

Her distinctive voice and unique delivery have become her trademark, adding a quirky charm to her characters.

What are some of Greer’s recent projects?

Recently, she starred in Hulu’s series Reboot and had a role in the animated film My Father’s Dragon.

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Judy Greer’s net worth reflects her successful career and diverse talents. From acting to directing and authoring, she has created multiple income streams that contribute to her financial stability.

By examining her financial journey, we gain insight into how Judy Greer has built and maintained her wealth over the years. Let’s check out other highest-paid comedic film stars.