What is Joe Bartnick Net Worth 2024: Wiki, Real Name, Age, Height, Family

What is Joe Bartnick Net Worth 2024 Wiki, Real Name, Age, Height, Family

Ever wondered about Joe Bartnick net worth in 2024? This piece delves into the financial fruits borne from a career filled with laughter, hard work, and an undeniable passion for stand-up comedy. Join Rachelparris to unfold the story behind the numbers.

Quick Facts

Real NameJoe Bartnick
Popular NameJoe Bartnick
Birth DateN/A
BirthplacePittsburgh, Pennsylvania
EducationSeton-La Salle Catholic High School
Marital StatusN/A
Sexual OrientationN/A
Net WorthN/A
Source of WealthComedy, Acting, Writing

What is the Net Worth of Joe Bartnick in 2024?

What is the Net Worth of Joe Bartnick in 2024

As of 2024, the exact net worth of Joe Bartnick remains undisclosed.

However, by comparing him with peers in the comedy industry, we can gain some perspective. For instance, comedians like Bill Burr, Dave Chappelle, and Lisa Lampanelli, who have shared stages with Bartnick, have net worths estimated in the millions.

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Burr’s net worth is reported around $14 million, Chappelle’s stands at a staggering $70 million, while Lampanelli’s is approximately $6 million. These figures, influenced by their extensive careers in stand-up, television, and film, offer a benchmark.

Bartnick, with his diverse career spanning stand-up, writing, and podcasting, likely has a net worth that reflects his multifaceted involvement in the entertainment industry.

Joe Bartnick Full Overview and Wiki

Joe Bartnick Full Overview and Wiki

Early Beginnings in Pittsburgh

Joe Bartnick, an American comedian, actor, and writer, embarked on his journey in the world of comedy from the heart of Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania. Raised in the South Hills and Bethel Park, he is a proud graduate of Seton-La Salle Catholic High School.

His early life in Pittsburgh laid the foundation for a career that would later see him grace stages across the nation.

San Francisco: The Launchpad of Comedy

In 1997, Bartnick moved to San Francisco, marking the beginning of his stand-up comedy career.

Starting in modest venues like coffee shops and laundromats, he quickly ascended to perform at prestigious locations such as Madison Square Garden and The Chicago Theater.

His time in San Francisco wasn’t just about honing his craft; it was about making a name in the comedy circuit.

Los Angeles: A Hub of Creativity

The move to Los Angeles in 2006 signified a shift in Bartnick’s career from solely performing stand-up to exploring the realms of writing and acting.

This period saw him contribute to television projects like Dogg After Dark and Eddie Griffin: Going For Broke. His versatility shone through as he took on roles in films and created his own series, King of Clubs.

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The Roast Master and Author

Bartnick’s foray into roast comedy, including a memorable roast of Tommy Lee, showcased his adaptability and range as a comedian.

Additionally, his venture into authorship with the eBook You Might Be a Douchebag added another facet to his already diverse career.

The World of Podcasting and Hockey

As the co-host and creator of the podcast PuckOff, Bartnick combined his love for comedy with his passion for hockey, offering a unique blend of entertainment.

His involvement with the National Hockey League Players’ Association as a content producer further cemented his connection to the sport.

The Comedy Club Regular and The Stand-Up Comedian

A regular at The Punchline comedy club, Bartnick shared the stage with comedy greats like Dave Chappelle, Bill Burr, and Robin Williams. These experiences not only enriched his comedic style but also placed him among the notable names in stand-up comedy.

At the core of Bartnick’s career is his stand-up comedy. His performances, characterized by their humor and relatability, have earned him a spot in the hearts of comedy enthusiasts.

His journey from small stages to grand venues like The Warfield and the Palace of Fine Arts is a testament to his growth and popularity in the comedy world.

The Actor and Writer

Bartnick’s acting skills were showcased in Dirty Jokes the Movie, while his writing prowess was evident in his contributions to various television projects. His ability to juggle multiple roles in the entertainment industry highlights his multifaceted talent.

The Comedy Tour and The Comedy Album

Touring with Lisa Lampanelli since 2008, Bartnick has experienced the rigors and rewards of being on the road. These tours not only expanded his audience but also enriched his experiences as a performer.

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In 2012, Bartnick released Salute! Recorded in San Francisco, a comedy CD that captured the essence of his stand-up routines. This release allowed his fans to enjoy his humor beyond the live performances.

Social Media Accounts

All About Joe Bartnick Latest News 2024

There has been no information about him recently.

FAQs about Joe Bartnick

FAQs about Joe Bartnick

Who is Joe Bartnick?

He is a stand-up comic, actor, and writer known for his comedy special Bartnick – A Killing in Chicago available on Amazon Prime, and for playing Randy the Bouncer in the Netflix #1 movie Old Dads .

When did he start his comedy career?

He began his comedy career in 1997 in San Francisco, starting from performing in coffee shops and laundromats .

What are some career highlights of Joe Bartnick?

Throughout his career, Joe has performed in prestigious venues such as Madison Square Garden and Red Rocks, appeared on AXS-TV’s Gotham Live, roasted Tommy Lee on A&E, and acted on Playboy TV’s King of Clubs. He is also a bestselling author with his E-book You Might Be a Douchebag .

What is Joe Bartnick known for in the comedy world?

He is recognized for his ability to tackle various themes in his stand-up acts, including fatherhood, dieting, drugs, drinking, relationships, and sports, showcasing his versatility as a comedian .

Has he collaborated with other comedians?

Yes, he has shared the stage with notable comedians such as Dave Attell, Bill Burr, Dave Chappelle, and Robin Williams. He has also opened for Lisa Lampanelli and frequently appears with Bill Burr .

What podcasts does he co-host?

He is the co-host and creator of the Puck Off podcast, where he talks about all things hockey. He’s a passionate hockey fan and has leveraged his love for the sport into popular content .

What special titles or roles has Joe Bartnick earned?

Bill Burr, with whom Joe frequently collaborates, has nicknamed him The Rose Bowl Legend, highlighting his distinctive presence and contribution to the comedy scene .

What are Bartnick’s upcoming shows or tours?

He has a series of stand-up shows scheduled in various locations including Poughkeepsie, NY; Pottstown, PA; Boise, ID; Winter Haven, FL; Mechanicsburg, PA; Pittsburgh, PA; Livermore, CA; and Foxboro, MA .


From his early days in Pittsburgh to becoming one of the most renowned stand-up comedians today, Joe’s career reflects not just artistic talent but also savvy financial navigation.

Stay tuned to Rachelparris.com for more insights into the lives and fortunes of your favorite entertainers.

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