What is Jaclyn Smith Net Worth 2024: A Deep Dive into Her Wealth and Financial

What is Jaclyn Smith Net Worth 2024 A Deep Dive into Her Wealth and Financial

When talking about iconic actresses who’ve thrived in both business and acting, Jaclyn Smith’s name often pops up. Renowned not only for her roles but also for her astute business ventures, Jaclyn Smith net worth reflects a blend of showbiz success and savvy investments.

Dive into how this TV legend built her financial empire, examining her earnings, endorsements, and entrepreneurial endeavors.

Quick Facts

Real NameJacquelyn Ellen Smith
Popular NameJaclyn Smith
Birth DateOctober 26, 1945
ParentsMargaret Ellen Hartsfield, Jack Smith
SiblingsThomas Smith
BirthplaceHouston, Texas, United States
EducationTrinity University, Lamar High School, The School of American Ballet
Marital StatusMarried
Sexual OrientationStraight
Wife/Spouse Roger Davis (m. 1968; div. 1975)
Dennis Cole (m. 1978; div. 1981)
Anthony B. Richmond (m. 1981; div. 1989)
Brad Allen (m. 1997)
Net Worth$150 million
Source of WealthActing, Entrepreneurship
Years active1968–present
Height1.7 m
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What is the Net Worth Of Jaclyn Smith in 2024?

What is the Net Worth Of Jaclyn Smith in 2024

As of 2024, Jaclyn Smith’s net worth is estimated to be $150 million. This impressive fortune places her among the wealthiest television actresses of her time. By comparison, her Charlie’s Angels co-star Farrah Fawcett had a net worth of approximately $25 million at the time of her passing.

Meanwhile, Cheryl Ladd, another Angel, has an estimated net worth of $12 million.

Smith’s financial success stems not only from her acting career but also from her entrepreneurial ventures, including a successful clothing line and various product lines sold through Kmart.

Her sustained relevance in the entertainment industry and her business acumen have solidified her status as a television actress with significant financial success.

Understanding Jaclyn Smith’s Finances


Breakthrough Role in Charlie’s Angels

Jaclyn Smith’s big break came with her role as Kelly Garrett in the hit TV series Charlie’s Angels in 1976. The show quickly became a global sensation, and Smith’s portrayal of Kelly Garrett made her a household name.

The success of Charlie’s Angels led to various merchandise deals, including bubble gum and toys featuring her likeness. Smith was the only original Angel to stay with the show for its entire run until 1981, further cementing her place in television history. This role not only brought her fame but also significant financial rewards.

Acting Career Beyond Charlie’s Angels

After Charlie’s Angels, Smith continued to act in various movies and TV shows. She took on roles in films like Escape from Bogen County and Nightkill, showcasing her versatility as an actress.

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Her portrayal of Jacqueline Bouvier Kennedy earned her a Golden Globe nomination, adding another accolade to her career.

Throughout the years, Smith appeared in other notable works such as Deja Vu in 1985, and she had a significant role in the TV series The District from 2000 to 2004. These roles contributed to her sustained income and continued relevance in the entertainment industry.

Entrepreneurial Ventures

In 1985, Jaclyn Smith ventured into entrepreneurship by launching a clothing line with Kmart. This move proved to be highly successful, with her line expanding to include home furnishings, bedding, bath accessories, and wigs.

Her products have reportedly generated over $100 million in annual gross sales. These entrepreneurial pursuits have significantly contributed to her wealth, showcasing her business acumen and ability to capitalize on her fame.

Real Estate Investments

Smith’s primary residence is a luxurious mansion in Los Angeles, estimated to be worth $20-25 million. This significant real estate investment highlights her financial stability and investment acumen.

The value of her property has likely appreciated over the years, adding to her overall net worth. Real estate remains a substantial part of her financial portfolio.

Personal Life and Marriages

Jaclyn Smith’s personal life has also been in the spotlight. She has been married four times and has two children. Her marriages, including her current one to Brad Allen, a surgeon, have been a topic of interest to many fans.

While her personal relationships have seen ups and downs, they have also contributed to her public image and media attention. Despite the challenges, Smith has managed to maintain a positive and enduring presence in the public eye.

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Health Struggles and Recovery

In 2003, Smith was diagnosed with breast cancer. Her battle and subsequent recovery were widely covered in the media, earning her public support and admiration.

Her health struggles and triumph have added a layer of depth to her public persona, showing her resilience and strength. This experience has also influenced her philanthropic efforts and public engagements.

Continued Relevance and Media Presence

Even after the peak of her acting career, Jaclyn Smith has remained relevant in the media. She had a cameo in the 2003 film Charlie’s Angels: Full Throttle and appeared in popular TV shows like Law & Order: SVU and CSI.

These roles have kept her in the public eye and contributed to her continued income. Her enduring appeal and ability to adapt to new opportunities have ensured her lasting presence in the entertainment industry.

Partnerships and Brand Endorsements

Smith’s brand partnerships have played a significant role in her financial success. She has endorsed various products and maintained long-term business relationships that have added to her income.

Her collaboration with Kmart is one of the most notable, demonstrating her ability to leverage her celebrity status into lucrative business deals.

Philanthropy and Public Engagement

Beyond her professional achievements, Jaclyn Smith is also known for her philanthropic efforts. She has been involved in various charitable activities, contributing to causes she cares about.

These efforts have positively impacted her public image and legacy, showing her commitment to giving back to the community. Her philanthropic endeavors are an important aspect of her overall profile.

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Social Media Accounts

FAQs about Jaclyn Smith

FAQs about Jaclyn Smith

What is Jaclyn Smith best known for?

She is best known for her role as Kelly Garrett in the iconic TV series Charlie’s Angels, which aired from 1976 to 1981.

Has she received any notable accolades or awards?

Yes, she received a star on the Hollywood Walk of Fame in 1989, recognizing her contributions to the entertainment industry.

What business ventures has she undertaken?

Beyond acting, she launched a successful clothing and home decor line in collaboration with Kmart and has her own brands of eyewear and perfumes.

Is Jaclyn Smith married?

Yes, she has been married to Brad Allen since 1997. She has been married four times in total.

What philanthropic efforts is Smith known for?

She is actively involved in various charitable endeavors, particularly those supporting children’s hospitals and cancer research.

What are some notable films she has appeared in?

While she is primarily known for her television roles, Jaclyn Smith has appeared in films like The Bourne Identity and Nightkill.

What recent TV roles has she had?

Apart from Charlie’s Angels, she has appeared in TV shows such as The District and Law & Order: Special Victims Unit.

What hobbies or interests does she pursue?

Jaclyn is an avid golfer and has a passion for animal welfare, often participating in related charity events.

Has she ventured into hosting television shows?

Yes, she was the hostess of Bravo’s reality television show Shear Genius for its first two seasons.

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What is Smith’s favorite role from her acting career?

While she has enjoyed various roles, her portrayal of Kelly Garrett in Charlie’s Angels remains her most cherished.


As we wrap up, it’s clear that Jaclyn Smith’s net worth is a reflection of her enduring career and savvy investments. For more details on celebrity finances, visit rachelparris.com, where we delve deeper into the numbers behind the fame.