What is Igor Lazko Net Worth 2024: Wiki, Age, Weight, Height, Relationships, And More

What is Igor Lazko Net Worth 2024 Wiki, Age, Weight, Height, Relationships, And More

Igor Lazko, a celebrated pianist with a rich career, has intrigued many with his financial journey. In this article, RachelParris will uncover Igor Lazko net worth, exploring the various factors that have influenced his earnings and financial decisions over the years.

Quick Facts

Real NameIgor Lazko
Popular NameIgor Lazko
Birth Date1949
BirthplaceSt Petersburg, Russia
EducationRimsky-Korsakov Conservatory, Tchaikovsky Conservatory
Marital StatusN/A
Sexual OrientationN/A
Net WorthN/A
Source of WealthMusic performances, teaching, recordings

What is the Net Worth Of Igor Lazko 2024?

What is the Net Worth Of Igor Lazko 2024

As of 2024, Igor Lazko‘s estimated net worth is a significant figure that resonates well within the classical music industry, reflective of his decades of performances, teachings, and recordings.

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While exact numbers are often private, it’s estimated to be in the ballpark of several million dollars.

Net Worth and Career Highlights

Starting with the essentials, Igor Lazko’s net worth is a reflection of his long-standing career and dedication to the arts.

Though specific figures are often private, his earnings stem from his performances, teaching roles, and recordings. Lazko, born in 1949 in St Petersburg, rose to prominence early, influenced by giants like Glenn Gould.

His career kicked off with a bang when he became the youngest laureate at the Johann Sebastian Bach International Music Competition in Leipzig, a feat that not only put him on the map but also set the stage for his future successes.

This was followed by a series of recordings with the Melodiya record label, marking the beginning of a prolific recording career.

Influences on Musical Style and Career

Igor Lazko Full Overview and wiki

It’s impossible to discuss Lazko without mentioning his major influence, Glenn Gould, whose tour in the Soviet Union left an indelible mark on the young pianist.

This influence is evident in Lazko’s nuanced performances and recording choices, particularly his profound interpretations of Bach’s works, which have been lauded for their clarity and depth.

Contributions to Classical Music Education

Beyond the stage, Lazko’s contributions to music education are monumental. He has shaped the careers of countless young musicians through his teaching roles at the University of Belgrade and later at Schola Cantorum in Paris.

His educational philosophy extends beyond mere technique, instilling a deep appreciation for musical artistry in his students.

Key Recordings and Performances

Lazko’s discography is a treasure trove for classical music aficionados. His recordings of Bach’s Partitas and The Seasons by Tchaikovsky stand out as testaments to his technical prowess and emotional depth.

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These works not only highlight his skill as a soloist but also his ability to convey the composer’s intent through music.

Role in International Piano Competitions

Lazko’s influence extends into the world of piano competitions. He has been a pivotal figure in shaping young talents through his roles in the Nikolai Rubinstein International Piano Concours and the International Concours of the Conservatoire Russe Alexandre Scriabine.

His leadership in these institutions has been crucial in maintaining high standards and integrity in the competitive world of classical piano.

Chamber Music Collaborations

In the realm of chamber music, Lazko shines as a collaborative artist. His work with the Trio Mendelssohn, alongside violinist Alexandre Stajic and cellist Dorel Fodoreanu, showcases his versatility and the seamless integration of his piano skills with other instruments.

These collaborations offer a richer, more layered listening experience, demonstrating his adaptability and creativity.

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FAQs about Igor Lazko

FAQs about Igor Lazko

Who is Igor Lazko?

Igor Lazko is a distinguished Russian classical pianist known for his international career as a performer, recording artist, and teacher.

When was Igor Lazko born?

He was born in 1949.

Where was he born?

He was born in St. Petersburg, Russia.

What notable competitions has he won?

He became the youngest laureate of the J.S. Bach International Music Competition in Leipzig at age 14 in 1964.

Which conservatories did he attend?

Lazko studied at the Rimsky-Korsakov Conservatory and later at the Moscow Conservatory.

Has he taught at any prestigious institutions?

Yes, he has been a professor at the Schola Cantorum and the Ecole Nationale de Musique in Paris.

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What are some key highlights from Igor Lazko’s career?

Lazko recorded the Goldberg Variations and the complete Partitas by J.S. Bach. He also performed with major orchestras like the Leningrad Philharmonic Orchestra.

What impact did Glenn Gould have on Igor Lazko?

Glenn Gould profoundly influenced Lazko during his tour in the Soviet Union in 1957, inspiring him through his recordings and performances.

What competitions has he founded?

Lazko founded the Nikolai Rubinstein International Piano Competition in 1996 and the Alexander Scriabin Competition in Paris in 2001.

What is his teaching philosophy?

He emphasizes the art of ‘speaking’ through the piano, focusing on refined lyricism and symphonic sound projection in his teachings.


Thanks for joining us on this exploration of Igor Lazko’s financial landscape and his impact on classical pianists and modern music. We hope you found the insights useful and inspiring as you consider your own financial journey.

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