Geraldine Page Net Worth 2024: Career, Investments, and Wealth

Geraldine Page Net Worth 2024 Career, Investments, and Wealth

What was Geraldine Page net worth at the peak of her illustrious acting career? Authored by RachelParris, this piece delves into the financial aspects of her life, revealing not just numbers but the story behind them.

Quick Facts

Real NameGeraldine Sue Page
Popular NameGeraldine Page
Birth DateNovember 22, 1924
DiedJune 13, 1987, Chelsea, New York, NY
Age62 years old
ParentsDr. Leon Elwin Page, Pearl Maize Page
SiblingsDonald Page
BirthplaceKirksville, Missouri, USA
EducationArt Institute of Chicago, HB Studio, The Theatre School at DePaul University, Englewood Technical Prep Academy
Marital StatusMarried
Sexual OrientationStraight
Husband/SpouseRip Torn (m. 1963–1987), Alexander Schneider (m. 1954–1957)
ChildrenThree (Angelica Page, Tony Torn, John Torn)
Net Worth$6 million
Source of WealthActing
Height5 ft 8 in (173 cm)
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What is the Net Worth of Geraldine Page in 2024?

What is the Net Worth of Geraldine Page in 2024

Geraldine Page’s net worth in 2024 stands at $6 million. When compared to her contemporaries, she might not be at the top but certainly holds a significant place.

For instance, Eva Gabor had a net worth of $30 million, showcasing the disparity in earnings among actresses of that era.

On the other hand, Shirley Knight had a net worth of $1.5 million, making Geraldine’s financial status quite impressive in comparison. Her wealth was accumulated through her extensive career in film, theater, and television.

Geraldine Page Finance Overview

Geraldine Page Finance Overview

Career Highlights and Financial Milestones

Geraldine Page‘s career was marked by numerous milestones that contributed to her financial success. She was a versatile actress who excelled in film, stage, and television.

Some of her most notable performances include her role in The Trip to Bountiful, which earned her an Academy Award, and her Broadway performances in Agnes of God and Blithe Spirit. These roles not only showcased her talent but also added significantly to her wealth.

Earnings from Television and Film

Geraldine’s contributions to television and film were substantial. She appeared in many successful films, including Hondo and The Pope of Greenwich Village.

Her television roles were equally impactful, with notable performances in shows like A Christmas Memory. The box office success of her films and the popularity of her television roles played a significant part in her financial portfolio.

Impact of Awards on Geraldine’s Net Worth

She won numerous awards, including an Academy Award, two Golden Globes, and two Primetime Emmy Awards. These accolades not only honored her talent but also increased her market value.

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The recognition she received opened doors to higher-paying roles and more significant projects, which had a positive impact on her finances.

Financial Effects of McCarthyism and Hollywood Blacklist

During the era of McCarthyism, she was blacklisted, which temporarily affected her career and earnings.

However, she managed to recover and regain her stature in the industry, showcasing her resilience. Her ability to bounce back from this setback added to her legacy and financial success.

Comparison with Her Peers in the Industry

Geraldine Page’s net worth and career achievements can be compared with her peers like Joanne Woodward, Paul Newman, and Jessica Tandy.

While some of these actors had higher earnings, Page’s financial and career accomplishments are significant. Her ability to earn substantial wealth despite the challenges she faced is a testament to her talent and determination.

Personal Life and Financial Management

She was married to Rip Torn, and they had three children. Her personal life was relatively private, but it’s known that she made wise financial decisions.

She also contributed to various charities, reflecting her philanthropic side. Her financial management played a crucial role in maintaining her wealth throughout her life.

Legacy and Posthumous Earnings

Geraldine’s legacy continues to influence the acting community. Even after her passing, her work remains celebrated, and posthumous earnings from her films and stage performances continue to add to her net worth.

Her induction into the American Theater Hall of Fame in 1979 is a reflection of her lasting impact on the industry.

FAQs about Geraldine Page

FAQs about Geraldine Page

What is Geraldine Page best known for?

She is best known for her work as an American actress on stage, in film, and on television. She was highly regarded for her roles in Tennessee Williams’ plays and won an Academy Award for Best Actress for her performance in The Trip to Bountiful in 1985.

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How many Academy Awards did Geraldine Page win?

She won an Academy Award for Best Actress for her role in The Trip to Bountiful (1985). Throughout her career, she was nominated for a total of eight Academy Awards.

When and where was she born?

She was born on November 22, 1924, in Kirksville, Missouri, United States.

What were some of Geraldine’s notable film roles?

Some of her notable film roles include Hondo (1953), Summer and Smoke (1961), Sweet Bird of Youth (1962), Interiors (1978), and The Trip to Bountiful (1985).

Did Geraldine work in television?

Yes, she appeared in numerous television shows, including Playhouse 90, Kraft Television Theatre, The United States Steel Hour, and Night Gallery.

Who was Geraldine Page married to?

She was married to actor Rip Torn from 1963 until her death in 1987. She was previously married to violinist Alexander Schneider from 1954 to 1956.

What were some of Geraldine’s achievements in theater?

She was a celebrated theater actress, known for her performances in Tennessee Williams’ plays such as Summer and Smoke and Sweet Bird of Youth. She also received several Tony Award nominations throughout her career.

Did Geraldine Page win any Emmy Awards?

Yes, she won two Primetime Emmy Awards for her performances in A Christmas Memory (1967) and The Thanksgiving Visitor (1969).

What was the last film Geraldine Page appeared in?

The last film Geraldine appeared in was My Little Girl (1986). She passed away on June 13, 1987.


Geraldine Page’s financial journey is as remarkable as her acting career. From overcoming challenges like the Hollywood blacklist to winning prestigious awards, her story is one of resilience and success. For more insights into the finances of notable richest comedy film actresses, visit

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