Who is David Owen Norris: Wiki, Real Name, Age, Height, Family And More

David Owen Norris Overview 2024 Wiki, Real Name, Age, Height, Family And More

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Quick Facts

Real NameDavid Owen Norris
Popular NameDavid Owen Norris
Birth DateJune 16, 1953
Age71 years old
BirthplaceLong Buckby, Northamptonshire, England
EducationUniversity of Oxford, Keble College
Marital StatusN/A
Sexual OrientationN/A
Net WorthN/A
Source of WealthMusic, Academia, Broadcasting

What is the Net Worth of David Owen Norris in 2024?

What is the Net Worth of David Owen Norris in 2024

As of 2024, David Owen Norris‘s net worth hasn’t been publicly disclosed, making it a bit of a mystery within the classical music community.

However, we can infer that his income streams are diversified through his roles as a professor, performer, and broadcaster.

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His career is somewhat comparable to other notable figures in classical music, such as David Wilson-Johnson and Gavin Sutherland, who have also balanced performing with academic or conducting roles.

While specific figures for Norris are not available, artists like him often have net worths influenced by concert performances, academic salaries, and royalties from recordings and compositions.

As an educated guess, his financial standing is likely on par with or potentially higher than peers due to his extensive involvement in both performance and education sectors.

David Owen Norris’s Early Life and Career Achievements

David Owen Norris's Career Achievements

Born in 1953 in Long Buckby, Northamptonshire, has had an illustrious career that spans decades.

A former student and now an Honorary Fellow at Keble College, Oxford, Norris’s journey from a bright-eyed student to a luminary in the classical music scene is nothing short of inspiring.

His multifaceted career includes roles as a performer, academic, and broadcaster, which have all contributed to his financial standing.

Contributions to Music Education

He isn’t just a performer; he’s also a passionate educator. He holds prestigious positions at the Royal College of Music and the University of Southampton, where he heads the keyboard department.

These roles underscore his commitment to nurturing new talent, enhancing both his reputation and potential earnings from academic ventures.

A Storied Career in Performance and Composition

Norris’s financial portfolio is greatly influenced by his performances with stellar groups such as the Chicago Symphony Orchestra and the Detroit Symphony Orchestra.

His compositions, like the celebrated Piano Concerto and Symphony, have been performed at esteemed venues, contributing to his royalties and overall net worth.

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Broadcasting: A Lucrative Endeavor

BBC Radio 4 listeners will recognize Norris from the popular Playlist Series. This broadcasting angle introduces him to a wider audience, potentially increasing his earnings through media exposure and related opportunities.

His ability to blend educational content with engaging broadcasting makes him a valued personality on and off the air.

A Rich Discography Enhancing Net Worth

His discography is extensive and varied, featuring works performed on historical and modern instruments.

Albums like his interpretations of Elgar or his performances of Schubert with notable singers have likely added nicely to his financial reservoir. His recordings are not just artistic expressions but also a significant part of his income stream.

Influence and Participation in Music Festivals

Norris’s involvement in the English Music Festival and other such prestigious events highlights another dimension of his career that impacts his financial status.

Festivals are a fantastic platform for showcasing new works and remastered classics, which can translate to direct earnings and broader recognition in the music community.

FAQs about David Owen Norris

FAQs about David Owen Norris

Who is David Owen Norris?

He is a renowned British pianist, composer, and broadcaster. He was the first winner of the Gilmore Artist Award and has performed in concert halls worldwide, including at the BBC Proms .

What genres of music does he specialize in?

He specializes in classical music, with a focus on keyboard, vocal, chamber music, and concerto styles .

What are some notable recordings by Norris?

Notable recordings include Entertaining Miss Austen, featuring music from Jane Austen’s collection, Schubert’s Winterreise, Elgar’s piano music, and the Jupiter Project, focusing on 19th-century Mozart arrangements.

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Has he composed original works?

Yes, he has composed his own piano concerto and several songs.

What television and radio programs has he appeared on?

He has appeared on programs like Chord of the Week on BBC2 and hosted The Real Thing? on BBC, gaining recognition as a music presenter.

What awards has he won?

He won the Gilmore Artist Award and has been praised for his insightful interpretations and performances.

Where can his recordings be found?

His recordings are available on platforms like Apple Music and Presto Music .

Who are some artists he has collaborated with?

He has worked with Dame Janet Baker, Sir Peter Pears, David Wilson-Johnson, and others .

What music styles influence his work?

He is influenced by Romantic and Classical styles, particularly those of Brahms, Schubert, Poulenc, Bax, and Elgar.


Understanding David Owen Norris’ net worth offers a glimpse into the world of influential classical pianists today. His financial accomplishments reflect his prominent status in the music industry. For more insightful analysis, visit RachelParris.com.

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