What is Dave Haywood Net Worth 2024: Career, Earnings and Financial Overview

What is Dave Haywood Net Worth 2024 Career, Earnings and Financial Overview

Ever wondered about Dave Haywood net worth? As one of Lady A’s talented members, he’s amassed quite a fortune. I’m Rachel Parris, and I’m here to dive into the numbers for you.

Quick Facts

Real NameDavid Wesley Haywood
Popular NameDave Haywood
Birth DateJuly 5, 1982
ParentsVan Haywood, Angie Haywood
BirthplaceAugusta, Georgia
EducationLakeside High School, Terry College of Business, University of Georgia, Riverside Middle School
Marital StatusMarried
Sexual OrientationStraight
Wife/SpouseKelli Cashiola
ChildrenCash Van Haywood, Lillie Renee Haywood
Net Worth$25 million
Source of WealthMusic, Songwriting
Height6 ft 2 in

What is the Net Worth Of Dave Haywood in 2024?

What is the Net Worth Of Dave Haywood in 2024?

Haywood’s net worth in 2024 is estimated at $25 million, matching his bandmates Charles Kelley and Hillary Scott. This valuation underscores his significant contributions to Lady Antebellum and his successful songwriting career.

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Comparatively, this places him among the more affluent country musicians, highlighting his consistent performance in the music industry.

What is the Salary/Income of Dave Haywood in 2024?

While specific figures for Haywood’s salary in 2024 are not publicly available, his income primarily stems from album sales, tours, and royalties.

His consistent performance and multiple revenue streams contribute significantly to his overall wealth.

Dave Haywood Finance Overview

Dave Haywood Finance Overview

Early Life and Musical Beginnings

Dave Haywood‘s early life in Augusta, Georgia, was steeped in music, thanks to his parents, Van and Angie Haywood. Learning piano from his mother and guitar from his father laid a strong foundation for his future career.

His involvement in church music and youth choirs, like Love Unlimited, further honed his skills.

Career with Lady Antebellum

In 2006, Dave co-founded Lady Antebellum with Charles Kelley and Hillary Scott. The band’s rise to fame was swift, marked by hit singles like Need You Now and albums that topped charts and won multiple awards.

Their success on the Billboard charts and platinum certifications contributed significantly to Dave’s wealth.

Songwriting and Production Contributions

Dave’s talent extends beyond performing. He has co-written notable songs for artists like Luke Bryan (Do I) and Miranda Lambert (Love Song). These songwriting credits not only boosted his reputation but also added substantial income, showcasing his versatility in the music industry.

Income from Album Sales and Tours

Lady Antebellum’s albums, such as Need You Now and Own the Night, sold millions of copies worldwide, translating into significant earnings.

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Extensive tours, including national and international performances, have been lucrative, adding to Dave’s income through ticket sales and merchandise.

Personal Life and Financial Investments

He is married to Kelli Cashiola, and they have two children, Cash Van and Lillie Renee. Beyond music, Dave has made smart financial investments, although specifics on real estate holdings and other ventures remain private.

His stability and prudent management of finances reflect in his sustained net worth.

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FAQs about Dave Haywood

FAQs about Dave Haywood

What is Haywood’s role in Lady A?

He is the guitarist, pianist, and harmony expert of the band. He also contributes significantly to their songwriting and production.

What are some notable songs co-written by Dave Haywood?

Haywood co-wrote Lady A’s breakout hit Need You Now among other successful tracks like Downtown and Bartender.

What is Haywood’s educational background?

Before his music career, Haywood graduated from the University of Georgia with a degree in Finance.

Is Dave Haywood involved in any other ventures besides music?

Yes, he co-owns a clothing line and has a passion for photography.

What are Dave Haywood’s hobbies?

He enjoys golf, photography, and outdoor activities like hiking and camping.

Is Haywood involved in philanthropy?

Yes, Haywood is actively involved in various charitable initiatives, using his platform to support numerous causes.

Does Haywood have a family?

He is married to Kelli Cashiola, and they have three children: Cash Van, Lillie Renee, and a baby boy born in July 2023.

Where was Dave Haywood born?

He was born on July 5, 1982, in Augusta, Georgia.

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Has Haywood received any awards?

Throughout his career, he has received numerous accolades as part of Lady A, including Grammy Awards and other prestigious recognitions in the music industry.

What inspires Haywood’s music?

Haywood draws inspiration from his experiences, travels, and personal interests, incorporating diverse elements into his music and songwriting.


Dave Haywood is among the richest artists in music, with a net worth reflecting his success. For more insights, visit rachelparris.com.