Briana White Net Worth 2024: Notable Roles and Income Sources

Briana White Net Worth 2024 Notable Roles and Income Sources

Explore Briana White net worth as we delve into the successful actress and streamer’s career. Learn how she achieved financial success through multiple entertainment channels, exclusively on RachelParris.

Quick Facts

Real NameBriana Nicole White
Popular NameBriana White
Birth DateApril 28, 1992
Age32 years old
BirthplaceOrange County, California, USA
EducationNYU’s Tisch School of the Arts
Marital StatusN/A
Sexual OrientationN/A
Net Worth$100,000 – $1 million
Source of WealthActing, voice acting, content creation
Height5 ft 4 in (1.63 m)

What is the Net Worth Of Briana White in 2024?

What is the Net Worth Of Briana White in 2024

As of 2024, Briana White is estimated to have a net worth ranging from $100,000 to $1 million.

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Her financial standing places her in a similar bracket to other digital content creators and actors like Britt Baron and Kristen Vaganos, who have also made significant strides in both traditional media and digital platforms.

Briana’s diverse portfolio, which includes acting, voice acting, and successful content creation, particularly in the gaming community, has played a critical role in her financial success.

Briana White’s Most Notable Roles and Achievements

Briana White's Notable Roles and Achievements

Briana White is not just another actress; her portfolio boasts significant roles such as the voice of Aerith Gainsborough in the blockbuster game Final Fantasy VII Remake, which has sold over seven million copies.

Her acting chops shone brightly in Popstar: Never Stop Never Stopping, and she has clinched 12 Best Actress awards for her role in the indie film Occupants. These roles and accolades don’t just enhance her reputation; they significantly bolster her net worth.

The Impact of Strange Rebel Gaming on Briana White’s Career

Venturing beyond the traditional, Briana founded Strange Rebel Gaming, a move that has markedly influenced her financial standing. This platform has not only showcased her versatility but also built a loyal base of over 470k followers across YouTube and Twitch.

It’s a testament to how modern entertainers can pivot their talents into digital realms, thus broadening their income streams and, subsequently, their net worth.

Briana White’s Acting and Education Background

From community theater in Orange County to the prestigious halls of NYU’s Tisch School of the Arts, Briana’s educational background is rich and varied.

Her degree from Tisch isn’t just a certificate; it’s a foundation that has supported her through varied artistic endeavors. This education has been pivotal, allowing her to navigate between on-screen roles and voice acting seamlessly.

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Influence in the Gaming Community and Beyond

Briana White actively engages with her audience, which spans YouTube, Twitch, Twitter, Facebook, and Instagram. Her content is not just entertaining but also informative, making her a significant figure in the gaming community.

Her work includes live hosting gigs for ArcadeCloud, Machinima’s Game Night, and Geek & Sundry’s Game the Game, which further solidifies her status as an influencer.

This involvement in the gaming industry has not only enriched her professional life but also added a valuable layer to her net worth.

Social Media Accounts

Instagram: – 51.6K followers

Twitter: – 50.8K Followers

Facebook: – 25K followers

FAQs about Briana White

FAQs about Briana White

Who is Briana White?

She is an American actress and voice actor best known for her role as Aerith Gainsborough in Final Fantasy VII Remake and its sequels .

What other notable roles has Briana White had?

Besides voicing Aerith, she has acted in films like Occupants and appeared on TV in Criminal Minds: Beyond Borders.

When did she start her career in voice acting?

She began her voice acting career with Final Fantasy VII Remake in 2019.

How was her performance received in Final Fantasy VII Remake?

Her portrayal of Aerith was critically acclaimed, helping to evolve the character with a more dynamic and playful persona.

Does Briana White have a presence on YouTube or Twitch?

Yes, she creates content under the channel Strange Rebel Gaming.

Where did she grow up?

She grew up in Orange County, California.

What is her educational background?

She graduated from New York University in 2013.

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Which Final Fantasy games has she voiced Aerith in?

She has voiced Aerith in Final Fantasy VII Remake, Crisis Core: Final Fantasy VII Reunion, and Final Fantasy VII Rebirth .

Has she played other video game characters?

As of now, her primary known video game role is Aerith Gainsborough .

Has Briana White been recognized for her work outside of gaming?

Yes, she appeared in Princess Rap Battle as Aurora, among other film roles.


In conclusion, Briana White has crafted a remarkable financial path. To stay updated on her latest ventures and net worth, visit for more exclusive details!

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