What is Bette Midler Net Worth 2024: Financial Insights and Wealth Analysis

What is Bette Midler Net Worth 2024 Financial Insights and Wealth Analysis

Financial insights on Bette Midler net worth in 2024 are essential for fans and financial enthusiasts alike.

RachelParris.com delves into the star’s impressive wealth, providing a detailed overview of her financial achievements and current status. Dive into the numbers and learn what makes her financial journey unique.

Quick Facts

Real NameBette Davis Midler
Popular NameBette Midler
Birth DateDecember 1, 1945
ParentsRuth Schindel Midler, Fred Midler
SiblingsSusan Midler, Judy Midler, Daniel Midler
BirthplaceHonolulu, Hawaii
NationalityUnited States of America
EducationRadford High School (1963), Radford High School, University of Hawaii at Manoa, HB Studio
Marital StatusMarried
Sexual OrientationStraight
SpouseMartin von Haselberg
ChildrenSophie von Haselberg
Net Worth$250 million
Source of WealthActing, Music, Writing, Business Ventures
Height5 ft 1 in (1.55 m)
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What is the Net Worth Of Bette Midler in 2024?

What is the Net Worth Of Bette Midler in 2024

Bette Midler’s net worth in 2024 is estimated to be a staggering $250 million.

This incredible fortune places her among the top earners in the entertainment industry. For comparison, Meryl Streep boasts a net worth of around $160 million, while Helen Mirren comes in at approximately $100 million.

Midler’s wealth is a testament to her successful and diverse career, spanning music, film, theater, and various business ventures.

What is the Salary/Income of Bette Midler in 2024?

Bette Midler’s income for 2024 includes earnings from various sources, such as her acting roles, music royalties, and endorsements.

While the exact figure can fluctuate, it’s estimated that she makes $20 million annually. This income is bolstered by her enduring popularity and continuous work in high-profile projects and endorsements.

Sources of Bette Midler’s Wealth

Her wealth comes from multiple streams. Her income sources include:

  • Music: Midler has sold over 30 million records worldwide. Her debut album, The Divine Miss M, was a massive hit and set the stage for her future successes.
  • Film and Television: Starring roles in films like The Rose, Beaches, and Hocus Pocus have significantly contributed to her earnings.
  • Theater: Her Broadway performances, particularly in the revival of Hello, Dolly!, have been both critically acclaimed and financially rewarding.
  • Endorsements and Business Ventures: Midler has secured high-value endorsements with brands such as Maybelline and Clorox, adding to her income.

Bette Midler’s Music Career and Financial Success

Her music career has been a cornerstone of her financial success. With over 30 million records sold and numerous hit singles like Wind Beneath My Wings and The Rose, her music has earned her both fame and fortune.

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Her debut album, The Divine Miss M, not only launched her career but also solidified her place in the music industry. The revenue from her albums, tours, and royalties continues to be a significant part of her income.

Financial Impact of Bette Midler’s Film and TV Roles

Midler’s film and TV roles have also been a major source of her wealth. Her performances in The Rose, Beaches, and Hocus Pocus are particularly noteworthy.

These roles not only brought her critical acclaim but also substantial financial rewards. Additionally, her recent work on Netflix’s The Politician has kept her relevant and in demand, further contributing to her net worth.

Bette Midler’s Broadway and Stage Performances

Bette Midler

Her success on Broadway has been impressive. Her role in the revival of Hello, Dolly! was a significant highlight, earning her a Tony Award and substantial financial gain.

Her performances on stage have always been a testament to her talent and have consistently drawn large audiences, ensuring her steady income from theater.

Business Ventures and Endorsements

Beyond her work in entertainment, Midler has made wise business decisions that have contributed to her wealth.

Her residency at Caesars Palace in Las Vegas was a major success, and her endorsement deals with brands like Maybelline and Clorox have been highly lucrative. These ventures have provided her with a stable income stream outside of her artistic endeavors.

Real Estate Investments

Her real estate investments are another significant part of her financial portfolio. Her primary residence is a luxurious triplex apartment on Fifth Avenue in New York City.

Additionally, she owns multiple properties in Hawaii, including a 38+ acre estate on the island of Kauai. These properties not only provide her with a luxurious lifestyle but also serve as valuable assets.

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Philanthropy and Charitable Contributions

Midler is not just known for her wealth but also for her generosity. She founded the New York Restoration Project, which focuses on improving green spaces in New York City.

Moreover, she supports various charitable causes,

Social Account

FAQs About Bette Midler

FAQs About Bette Midler

How old is she?

She was born on December 1, 1945, which makes her 78 years old as of 2024.

What is her most famous song?

Her most famous song is Wind Beneath My Wings, which won her a Grammy Award for Record of the Year in 1990. It’s a heartfelt ballad that has become one of her signature hits.

Has she won any awards?

Yes, she has won multiple awards, including three Grammy Awards, four Golden Globes, three Emmy Awards, and a Tony Award. She has also received the prestigious Kennedy Center Honors.

What movies is she known for?

She is known for several popular movies, including The Rose, Beaches, Hocus Pocus, and For the Boys. Her role in Hocus Pocus has become a cult favorite, especially around Halloween.

Did she have a Broadway career?

Yes, she has had a successful Broadway career, starring in productions like Fiddler on the Roof and Gypsy. She even won a Tony Award for her performance in the 2017 revival of Hello, Dolly!

What are some of her notable TV appearances?

She starred in her own sitcom called Bette and has made recurring guest appearances on talk shows like The Tonight Show Starring Johnny Carson and The Late Show with David Letterman.

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Is she active on social media?

Yes, she has a strong social media presence and actively engages with her fans on platforms like Twitter and Instagram, where she shares updates about her career and personal insights.

What is her connection to the LGBTQ+ community?

She is a strong advocate for LGBTQ+ rights and has been recognized for her contributions to the community. She uses her platform to support and promote equality and inclusivity.

Has she written any books?

Yes, she has written a memoir titled A View from a Broad, where she shares insights and anecdotes from her life and career, providing a fascinating glimpse into her experiences.

What is her family background?

She was born in Honolulu, Hawaii, into a Jewish family. Her mother, Ruth, was a seamstress and housewife, and her father, Fred, worked at a Navy base in Hawaii.

She married Martin Von Haselberg in 1984, and they have a daughter named Sophie.


In summary, Bette Midler’s net worth in 2024 showcases her impressive financial achievements. For more in-depth financial insights, visit RachelParris.com and stay updated on celebrity wealth trends.