What is Anthony Desamito Net Worth 2024: Wiki, Age, Weight, Height, Relationships, And More

What is Anthony Desamito Net Worth 2024 Wiki, Age, Weight, Height, Relationships, And More

Anthony Desamito, an acclaimed comedian and writer, has captured audiences with his unique humor and charm.

In this article, we delve into Desamito’s journey and evaluate his financial achievements, providing a comprehensive look at Anthony Desamito net worth and the key factors contributing to his success.

Quick Facts

Real NameAnthony Desamito
Popular NameAnthony Desamito
Birth DateN/A
SiblingsHas sisters
BirthplaceCalifornia, USA
EducationArizona State University
Marital StatusN/A
Sexual OrientationGay
Net WorthN/A
Source of WealthComedy, podcasts, television
GenresStand-up, improv, podcasting

What is the Net Worth Of Anthony Desamito 2024?

What is the Net Worth Of Anthony Desamito 2024

While specific figures for Anthony Desamito‘s net worth in 2024 aren’t publicly available, his earnings are primarily derived from his stand-up tours, podcast appearances, and television gigs.

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In comparison to peers at a similar level in the comedy circuit, such as emerging comedians who have transitioned from local stages to national visibility, Anthony’s financial trajectory seems promising.

Anthony Desamito Full Overview and Wiki

Anthony Desamito Full Overview and Wiki

Early Beginnings

Anthony Desamito, an American comedian known for his sharp wit and relatable humor, began his comedy career in Phoenix, Arizona.

Cutting his teeth in local clubs like the Tempe Improv and Stand-Up Live, Anthony quickly made a name for himself.

His blend of personal storytelling mixed with cultural observations resonated with a broad audience, setting him on a path that would soon lead to larger stages and more notable improv comedy talents.

Rise to Prominence

After winning the Arizona House of Comedy’s Funniest Person with a Day Job in 2015, Anthony’s career trajectory took a sharp turn upwards.

The $1,000 prize might not have been a fortune, but it certainly helped catapult his visibility in the comedy scene.

He expanded his reach by starting the Thank You for Being a Podcast, which garnered over 75,000 downloads and featured various comedians, enhancing his network and influence.

Move to Los Angeles

2016 marked a significant year as Anthony moved to Los Angeles—a critical move for any entertainer looking to make it big.

LA’s competitive environment was tough, but as advised by his friend and veteran comedian Michelle Biloon, he knew he had to crush every performance.

His relentless drive and unique comedic voice helped him stand out, eventually leading him to perform on prestigious platforms like the LA Pride main stage and securing a spot in a gay stand-up series on Hulu.

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Ongoing Impact

In Los Angeles, Anthony didn’t just find new stages; he found new ways to influence the comedy scene. Hosting shows like Ya Feel? at the Hollywood Improv Lab allowed him to innovate how comedy is performed and perceived.

His efforts to provide visibility for LGBTQ+ comedians have made him a beloved figure both on and off the stage, ensuring his influence will be felt for years to come.

Personal Life

Away from the spotlight, Desamito lives a life marked by resilience and humor. Growing up gay and Hispanic in a bi-cultural family, he learned early on to use humor as a shield and a tool for connection.

His personal experiences, often reflected in his comedy, show a man deeply connected to his roots and proud of his identity, continuously using his platform to advocate for inclusivity and understanding within the community.

Anthony Desamito List News 2024

There is no news as of 2024.

Social media

Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/anthonydesamito/ – 1.5k followers

Twitter: https://twitter.com/AnthonyDesamito – 1.1k followers

Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/desamitoanthony/ – 750+ followers

FAQs about Anthony Desamito

FAQs about Anthony Desamito

What is Anthony Desamito known for?

He is known for his work as a stand-up comedian, actor, writer, and video editor with experience in Premiere Pro, After Effects, and Photoshop.

Where is he based?

He is based in Burbank, California, United States.

How long has he been doing stand-up comedy?

He has been a stand-up comedian for over seven years.

What are some of Anthony Desamito’s notable appearances?

He has appeared on Laughs on FOX, The Doug Stanhope Podcast, and was seen on The CW’s Discontinued, Comedy Dynamics, Shoe Game with Nick Cannon.

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Does he have a presence on social media?

Yes, he has an Instagram account with 1525 followers, 262 following, and 940 posts as of the last update.

Has he released any comedy specials or albums?

Yes, he has a comedy track titled Anthony Desamito at the Chatterbox available on Spotify, released under Comedy Dynamics in 2019.

What inspired Anthony Desamito to start stand-up comedy?

His inspiration came from attending a comedy show during a personal low point, leading him to believe he could perform better than the acts he saw.

What achievements has he accomplished in his comedy career?

He won the Arizona House of Comedy’s Funniest Person with a Day Job in 2015 and has hosted a taping for FOX’s Laughs.

What unique comedy shows does Anthony Desamito co-host?

He co-hosts a monthly show at the Hollywood Improv Lab called Ya Feel? where comics spin a wheel of emotions and perform their sets based on the emotions they land on.

What is his background?

Anthony was born in the US but raised in Mexico, and he moved to the US at the age of 7. He grew up in a financially challenged household and used humor as a coping mechanism during his upbringing.


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