What is Afdlin Shauki Net Worth 2024: Financial Overview & Career Achievements

What is Afdlin Shauki Net Worth 2024 Financial Overview & Career Achievements

Hi, I’m RachelParris, and today we’re diving into Afdlin Shauki net worth in 2024. Let’s explore his impressive career and financial success.

Quick Facts

Real NameAfdlin Shauki bin Aksan
Popular NameAfdlin Shauki
Birth DateMay 19, 1971
ParentsAksan Abu Bakar, Fadzilah Jelani
Siblingseldest child among 10 siblings
Marital StatusMarried
Sexual OrientationHeterosexual
Wife/SpouseDatin Maria Christina Orow Abdullah ( m. 1997; div. 2022) Datin Marcella ( m. 2023)
Net Worth$6 Million
Source of WealthActing, Directing, Music, Television

What is the Net Worth Of Afdlin Shauki in 2024?

What is the Net Worth Of Afdlin Shauki in 2024

Afdlin Shauki’s net worth in 2024 is estimated to be around $6 Million. This substantial wealth comes from his diverse career as an actor, director, comedian, singer, and politician.

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Compared to other prominent Malaysian celebrities like Sheila Majid and Dayang Nurfaizah, Afdlin stands out not only for his versatility but also for his consistent presence in the industry.

His involvement in both entertainment and politics further solidifies his financial status.

Afdlin Shauki Finance Overview

Career Achievements and Contributions

Afdlin Shauki is a powerhouse in the Malaysian entertainment industry. Over the years, he has built a remarkable career, showcasing his talent in acting, directing, music, and television.

He has received numerous awards, including Best Actor and Best Director, highlighting his exceptional skills and contributions.

Sources of Income

Afdlin’s wealth is derived from multiple streams. His acting and directing roles in both local and international films contribute significantly.

Notably, his performance in Anna and the King marked his Hollywood debut. Additionally, his music career, with the band Acid Iz, and live performances add to his income.

Hosting various television shows and his involvement in the political scene further bolster his financial status.

Major Film Projects and Their Impact

Afdlin Shauki’s filmography is impressive. His role in the film Buli not only earned him critical acclaim but also contributed to his financial success. T

he sequel, Buli Balik, and other films like Papadom and Sumolah have further solidified his position in the industry.

These films have not only showcased his acting prowess but also his directorial skills, making him a respected figure in Malaysian cinema.

Television and Hosting Roles

Afdlin has also made a significant impact on television. His role as the host of Bila Larut Malam earned him the Best Presenter award at the Asian Television Awards in 1999.

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Hosting game shows, sports programs, and lifestyle shows have made him a familiar face on Malaysian television, contributing to his income and popularity.

His diverse roles and hosting duties even place him among the top earning tv presenters in Malaysia.

Musical Career and Achievements

Afdlin Shauki Finance overview

Afdlin’s musical journey began with his band Acid Iz, bringing a unique blend of R&B, acid jazz, and funk to the Malaysian music scene.

His debut album, FUUYO!, released in 2003, was well-received. Performing alongside renowned artists like Sheila Majid and winning the Best Ethnic Pop Song category at Anugerah Juara Lagu ke-19 in 2005 are notable highlights of his music career.

Political Involvement and Its Influence

In 2021, Afdlin joined the People’s Justice Party (PKR), marking his entry into politics.

His political journey, including contesting for the position of Setiawangsa PKR branch chief, has brought a new dimension to his public image.

Although he faced challenges, such as the defeat in 2022 against Nik Nazmi, his political involvement reflects his commitment to serving the community and adds to his multifaceted career.

Personal Life and Its Impact on His Career

Afdlin’s personal life, including his marriage to Datin Marcella and being a father of three, has played a significant role in shaping his career.

His personal experiences often influence his creative projects, bringing authenticity to his work. Public interest in his personal life also contributes to his media presence and overall popularity.

Future Projects and Potential Growth

Looking ahead, Afdlin has several upcoming projects that could further enhance his net worth. Films like Harimau Malaya: The Untold Story and Baik Punya Ah Long are highly anticipated.

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These projects, along with his continuous involvement in television and music, promise potential growth in his career and financial status.

Afdlin Shauki’s Influence in the Malaysian Entertainment Industry

Afdlin Shauki’s impact on the Malaysian entertainment industry is undeniable. He has paved the way for upcoming artists and filmmakers, setting a high standard with his diverse talents.

His legacy is not only marked by his achievements but also by his influence on the next generation of entertainers.

FAQs About Afdlin Shauki

FAQs About Afdlin Shauki

What is Afdlin Shauki’s full name?

His full name is Datuk Afdlin Shauki bin Aksan. He’s often referred to by his fans as Chief Kodok and Sedey Malas.

When was Afdlin Shauki born?

He was born on May 19, 1971, making him a versatile figure in the Malaysian entertainment industry.

What are some of his notable films?

Some of his notable films include Anna and the King, Buli, Buli Balik, and Papadom. He has received several awards for his work in these films.

Is Afdlin Shauki involved in music?

Yes, he is also a musician. He formed a band called Acidiz and released an album titled Fuuyo! in 2003. He has also performed in jazz clubs and collaborated with various artists.

What other roles does he have in the entertainment industry?

Besides being an actor and musician, he is also a director, screenwriter, and producer. He directed and starred in the film Buli, which earned him several awards.

Has Afdlin Shauki won any awards?

Yes, he has won multiple awards, including Best Actor at the Anugerah Skrin Panca Delima in 2000 for Soal Hati and Best Director at the Festival Filem Malaysia for Buli Balik.

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Is Afdlin Shauki involved in any organizations?

He was appointed as a member of the DBKL advisory board and is the chairman of the Film Directors’ Association of Malaysia (FDAM), where he aims to elevate the professionalism of its members.

What is Afdlin Shauki’s latest project?

His latest project is directing a film titled Harimau Malaya: The Untold Journey, which is inspired by the Malaysian national football team’s journey in the AFC Asian Cup qualifications.


Afdlin Shauki’s net worth in 2024 reflects his successful and diverse career in the entertainment industry and beyond. From acting and directing to music and politics, his multifaceted career continues to thrive.

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